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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition



       I am a painter from Northwest Ohio. My training and formal education is in the Sciences. But my passion has always been in the Arts. Music and Literature were omnipresent in my childhood. Albums and poetry, stories and (black and white) cinema made me who I am.

       I started dabbling with common household objects to make my first art compositions. It has evolved over the past two to three decades and through multiple media explorations into primarily my current Oil Paintings. Experimenting with techniques, methods and the “looks” they produce have always been integral to my process. My paintings use simple principles of cohesion and eutectics (temperature based flow properties) in making multilayered, time-deferred oil applications of graded viscosities on prepared canvas. This approach imparts a distinct 3D geometry to my work. For that reason, to preserve their structural integrity, each painting comes very simply and elegantly framed. The frames are proudly made by local Northwest Ohio woodcrafters. 

       I work (or my mind tends to function) in sets of themes: Be they florals, life scenes, portraits or dreamscapes or still lifes. Once I finish a “set” I move on to prep for the next stage. Recent health has made me refocus, forced me to rededicate myself to painting. Other than that, I guess I simply make “things” because I don’t have a choice. Or is it the other way around: Are these things indeed making “me”? Ultimately: i am nothing, my Work is everything!




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