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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Sue VanWassenhove

Home 2832 Northwest Blvd County: Franklin
Columbus Ohio 43221 United States
Cell Phone: 614-832-1031 Birthday: November 15, 2023 Website:


Painting and drawing have been part of my DNA since I was six years old when I discovered the magic of colored pencils, and those irresistible paint-by-number kits! As a young adult I studied in Cincinnati, my hometown, with Carl VonVolborth and with Robert Fabe at U.C.. After raising five remarkable human beings, enjoying a busy career in development, caring for aging parents, later a terminally ill spouse, I have returned to painting. In the interim I continued to draw, primarily with pencils but also pen and ink. Painting is a way for me to express the emotions and experiences of being human and all that connects us. For me it is a spiritual experience that brings great peace, which I hope translates to the viewers. I am painting more consistently now, with greater passion and gratitude than ever. I appreciate learning from other artists, locally, internationally, deceased and alive and love discussing art processes, philosophies and insights. I also have been known to mention a word or two about my six amazing grandchildren. 

Artist Statement

I primarily paint skycapes and cloudscapes, which are powerful metaphors for life. The sky encompasses everything and is constantly changing. I see the symbiotic relationship between the sky and the earth as like ours with other humans, animals and earth. The constant changes in clouds and the sky is so much like our ever evolving thoughts and emotions, shifting moment by moment. The dark, angry clouds of a storm brewing, the wispy cirrus clouds high above or the magnificence of a sunset remind me of our opposing forces of joy and pain, anger and peace, despair and hope.  Painting the sky is a spiritual experience of connectedness for me. I hope my viewers experience a bit of that as they see my paintings.