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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Shiree Houf

Costume Designer Freelance
Website: Shiree’s Website


Shiree Houf is a stay at home mom who freelances as a costume designer out of her home in Pickerington, OH. Her best projects are “one & done” larger than life costumes that elicit big audience reactions for drag performances, pageants, or costume competitions. She’s a 2023 World of WearableArt finalist & her entry, Captain King Midas, was selected to be featured introducing the Gold Section in the collectable program. Locally, she regularly participates & places in Highball Halloween’s Costume Couture Contest, easily her favorite event, as it is an opportunity to create her heart’s desire on a yearly basis.  Her designs are also frequently featured in New Vision Dance Co. productions, with a variety of Columbus Theatrical companies, & as a Greater Columbus Arts Council grant recipient. Shiree has her MFA in Design from OSU and a BA in Theatre from Miami University. She is passionate about using her theatrical background to create memorable moments both on & off stage.

Artist Statement

I work primarily within the costume design world with fabrics & on dress forms, however, I often branch out to use unconventional materials in my pieces. In the past these have included, upcycled men’s neckties, broken technology bits/chips/wires, jewelry findings, & what most people would just consider trash. My biggest motto (inherited from my Mamaw) has been “waste not want not” & I passionately believe that being wise with our resources is imperative to the world we live in. In addition to garments worn on the body, I also create installations centered around figurative images. I created a window display completely out of paper entitled “Mother Breathe” that featured the idea of “Mother Earth” as a “Tree of Life”. Most recently I have a piece in the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit dabbling in printmaking displayed on a mannequin.

My art is my way of finding the happy little things in this life. Kitsch, camp, plays on words, textures, & colors are my favorites to play with! I aim to create pieces that entertain and perhaps make people smile. I’m not a dark, moody, brooding artist… While I am emotional any attempt at something more serious always takes on a twinge of humor if not completely taking a turn towards full childlike whimsy. It is the little details chosen for amusement that seem to motivate me.

I am rather organized in my process as an artist, doing my best drawings/renderings to organize my plan & then getting to work brainstorming exactly how I intend to engineer it! Many of my pieces are quite large, function in unexpected ways, & require rehearsals for the models. I seek out performers rather than traditional models for my work. With a theatrical background I am incredibly story & character driven. People who can uniquely move, come from diverse backgrounds & abilities, & who can exude & imbody a character are my favorite collaborators.

Lastly, It has been crucial in my life to aspire to do the best art I can where I am planted. I grew up in Ohio, this is my home, & I am honored to make art for the communities that have supported me while on my artistic journey. Ultimately, my coolest works of art are my two daughters. I stay at home with them while freelancing & I want them to be proud of their Mama and enjoy the art I create.