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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Sherry Arthur

At First Sight Art Gallery llc


Sherry Arthur is a professional artist, author, and illustrator. 
She was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She spent a great deal of time, as a child, with her grandmother, who was the first person to introduce her to paint; she made quilts and encouraged artistic expression. Sherry was an only child and feels she developed her vast imagination from spending large chunks of time alone. The inspirations come from everywhere and no place at all, she believes her Cherokee Indian heritage has a lot to do with her artistic vision. She has experimented with many different mediums and also dabbled in many different areas of the visual arts.

Today artwork is a way of life to her. The work is done primarily in acrylic paint because they achieve the vibrant color she is looking for. She likes to paint imaginary worlds from her mind. The artwork is not intended to be photo-realistic, so much as a wishful utopia. The hope is to give the viewer a feeling of intense emotion. Her newer artwork sometimes tends to have a dark twist to it and much more of an emotional connection. She is most known for her imaginary and real landscapes and streetscapes. She has also been spending some of her time pursuing abstract art and illustration art. Some of her favorite subjects to paint are characters, imaginary landscapes, abstracts, as well as, little old towns.

Sherry’s work has been collected all over the U.S. now. She also has collectors internationally as well. Her hope is to continue to reach people so that they can enjoy her vision of the world. Her opinion on her style of painting is this; “I do not label myself with any certain style of work, as my only limitation is where my imagination ends”.

Her hobbies are watching scary movies, reading a great thriller, spending time with her family, and playing with her dogs. Sherry is a huge animal lover. She has donated her artwork to charity art auctions and hopes to continue to support charitable causes. Sherry recently said: “I will never stop painting till I am no longer a part of this world. I will accomplish much more on my artistic journey. An artist’s life is sometimes very hard but I am what I am and this is what I must do”. Come join Sherry in her alternate reality, a vision of her world”. Thank you for supporting the arts.

Artist Statement

My artistic process always starts with emotions. I paint purely from an emotional state which can cause each painting to twist and turn in many ways before it finally feels done. My art is created on canvas, wood panels, or paper. I primarily paint in acrylics but can also use gouache, oil, watercolor, and inks as well. I follow no rules in what I do; I enjoy the freedom of creating whatever is in my mind at that moment. Every painting is created by only me; I am a one woman business. I also have photographic prints, giclees, and hand embellished prints which are produced by printing companies I work with. I put brush to ground and let my mind do the talking.