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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Rod Hayslip

Home 3326 Brentwood Ct. County: Delaware
Powell Ohio 43065 United States
Cell Phone: 6149461559 Website: rodhayslip


Native Ohioan Rod Hayslip holds a degree in Art Education.  He has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the United States and Japan.  His art is included in many private and corporate collections throughout the U.S.  In 2015 one of his paintings was reproduced and installed large-scale on the side of a building next to the Columbus Ohio Convention Center.  He became a Signature Member of the American Impressionism Society in 2019 and was also given the “Award of Distinction” by Judge Kevin Mcpherson.  He has studied with Pheoris West and currently resides in Central Ohio.

Artist Statement

“Through the artist’s eyes we collectively breath in the very essence of what makes us truly human.  Art’s over all effect would be ubiquitous were it not for the astonishing number of variations.  Through my art I am joining this diverse chorus as I mine the vast human aesthetic mix, seeking my own authentic voice of expression.”   

“Creating art is an exhilarating, hyper-focused activity where time stands still.  I get lost in the act of painting and in the narratives emerging in front of me.” 

“Art transforms — in my art I see more than people — I see potential and hope.”

Rod Hayslip