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Rod Hayslip

Home 3326 Brentwood Ct. County: Delaware
Powell Ohio 43065 United States
Cell Phone: 6149461559 Website: rodhayslip


Native Ohio artist Rod Hayslip focuses on the visual richness of people and places.  His narratives of cities whose elements of human interaction follow the rhythms of everyday life are fused into patterns of movement and light.  The line between painter and theatrical producer seems to blur as he stages his lead actors and supporting cast in orchestrated scenes.  He frequently choses aerial vantage points for his compositions which seem both vouyor and .  These created stories assume a life of their own once they leave the studio as each following viewer imagines a narrative of their own making. Rod Hayslip received a Bachelor of Art Education from the Ohio State University.  He is a nationally awarded contemporary artist who has studied with Pheoris West, Mark Gingrich and Jerry Weiss.  Hayslip is also a signature member of the American Impressionist Society.  He currently resides in Delaware County, Ohio.  

Rod Hayslip grew up in rural Ohio, mostly near Columbus, and spent a great deal of time outdoors exploring and discovering as a child. Having a strong interest in the visual arts from an early age he aspired to become a professional artist someday.  While studying fine art at Ohio State University he initially thought to become a Medical Illustrator.  Anatomy has always been a strong interest, however, at mid-point in college another strong interest came to the fore front — aviation.  In fact, most of his college tuition was being earned by painting business aircraft portraits, a niche area in the art world to say the least!  He was offered a pilot training position with the U.S. Air Force and then spent eight years of service as a pilot.

Throughout his aviation career (which has included working as an airline pilot) he has been fortunate to see a lot of this world’s immense beauty from above the earth—a privilege that never gets old.  Meanwhile, it has also allowed him time to focus on his artistic journey unencumbered from doing commissioned art work, as he had done in the past.

“One of the constant companions throughout my life continues to be my art.  It is my centering place where the transcendent occurs.” 

Artist Statement

“Art is an essential part of our lives whether we are aware of it or not.  Through the artist’s eyes we collectively breath in the very essence of what makes us truly human.  Art’s effect is almost ubiquitous were it not for the astounding variations that make each and every visual expression unique.” “In my art I am joining this diverse chorus.  I mine the human aesthetic mix, seeking my own authentic voice of expression.”   Rod Hayslip