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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Robert Mullenix

artist Miami UniversityArt
Home 1440 Dana Drive 1440 Dana Drive County: butler
Oxford OH 45056 United States
Home Phone: 5134907242 Website:


Robert Mullenix currently lives and works in Oxford, Ohio. He received his BA in Drawing from University of Sioux Falls (then Sioux Falls College). His mentors there included Jay Olson and Carl Grupp. He earned an MFA in Painting from University of Illinois in 1990. Since then, he has taught art in Illinois and Ohio and has actively shown his work nationally. His work continues to reflect his dual interests in painting and photography.

Artist Statement

2021 artist statement for Elisions

e·li·sion  /əˈliZHən/


an omission.

the process of joining together or merging things.


I adopt the American West as my subject, as have many artists of the past, in order not only to refer to these artists but to reinterpret the subject in light of climate change. The images representing the West in popular culture continue to offer a pastoral scene of endless potential, devoid of stress and crisis. Yet, the West experiences direct impact of climate change from droughts and reduced snowpack leading to reductions in groundwater to invasive species such as the mountain pine beetle killing trees throughout the Rockies, from wildfires made worse by extended fire season to increasingly heavy rains accompanied by devastating flooding. It is this West that I want to represent.


However, mine are not exact representations. They are more like forecasts and interpretations. I use photography as a point of departure. I also incorporate still life arrangements so that portions of these images are painted from direct observation. Imagery is altered, combined, merged. In some cases, images are superimposed upon words embedded in the picture plane. These images are intended to provoke thought as much as they present time and place.


I leave it for the viewer to determine what might have been elided.


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