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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Richard Neuman

Home 4737 County Road 139 County: Hancock
McComb OH 45858 United States
Home Phone: 1-419-293-2492 Website: Fine Art America Gallery Website: Richard Neuman Zazzle Store


I am Ohio artist Richard Neuman. I was born in Fostoria, Ohio, 80 years ago. My path has been long and colorful, yet having good health, mind, and energy, the end of my journey is nowhere in sight.

The artist in me came at an early age. It was well before kindergarten when I began drawing the barn, fields, and fences I saw on my grandfather’s farm. My first paying job as a teenager was painting scenery after class for a theatrical production company. I graduated with honors in Advertising Design from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters’s Degree in Art from Bowling Green State University.

For over 50 years

I have been fortunate to make a comfortable living as an artist and designer. I have worked in the world’s largest advertising agency in New York City, I have been a design consultant for Goodyear, and I have enjoyed a 20-year career as a senior graphics designer with Marathon Oil Company in Findlay, Ohio.

From Something Old Company.

In our early 40s, my wife Faith and I both left corporate careers to form a corporation called ‘From Something Old Company.” I created original drawings of rural scenes using Chinese brushes, inks and watercolors on hand-made rice paper. They sold well but slowly. Sales grew rapidly when we expanded our product lines to include my artwork on calendars, note cards, and magnets. We hired 5 family members to help meet order fulfillment. Satisfied customers included Disney, Cracker Barrel, General Electric, Kampgrounds of America. Today, you can find my art in virtually every state and countless countries around the globe.

Been using computer graphics for 40 years.

I have embraced computer graphics from its inception! I bought my first Apple II computer in the early 70’s when less than 20,000 had been made and sold. The manual for it was handwritten!! Our own company, established in the late 90’s, was computerized from the very beginning to help us produce prints and products for the wholesale markets. The early involvement in computer technology paid dividends more recently in the form of internet sales. About 10 years ago Pei-Husan Wu and I formed Two Bananas Art, through which she markets my whimsical images via internet stores, Etsy, and Zazzle from her studio in Taipei, Taiwan. 

My studio

Only a few yards away from the house that Faith and I built with our own hands in 1989 the commute is a pleasure! The house and studio are on land in my family for over 140 years. We call our rural property “Axis Mundi” because it is indeed the center of our world.

New challenges.

Over the last 10 years, since withdrawing from 20 years of traveling and selling at wholesale and retail shows, I have had time for additional creativity. For example, I teamed with Stacey Gabel, a talented teacher/author, to draw farm equipment for a series of children’s books called “The Readin Machines.” Faith and I found time to become active with international students at the University of Findlay and now enjoy having many friends throughout Asia.


My travels include not only much of the United States but adventures in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Over the last years, four to eight weeks annually, I have learned about cultures, taken thousands of reference photos, and visited and made new friends.

Recent endeavors.

In the last several years, my interest in showing others the beauty they often walk by has superseded that of other interests. From the thousands of photos taken during my adventures, I have developed a large collection of “abstract, minimalist photo paintings.” All narrowly focused images of objects, buildings, and people with an emphasis on architectural detail. Lax in offering the public to view and enjoy them, content creating them just for self-satisfaction. Now 80 years old, I believe the time is appropriate for the public to discover so much beauty in the world fast-paced lives miss. As many rush to the top of buildings or mountains to see the big vista, which can be breathtakingly beautiful, I wander slowly up the hill or around the city, taking my time to look at details. It is a different focus on the world around us, one not often shared or appreciated. However, it makes me happy, and that in itself is priceless. And if you also enjoy them, it simply increases the size of my smile.

Artist Statement

Architecture and architectural detail have been a lifelong love. Many of my first drawings and paintings were of barns on and around my grandparent’s farm. When deciding what university major to pursue, it was only due to my less-than-outstanding math grades that prevented my choice of architecture. However, obtaining a degree in advertising design was an excellent choice. Yet, my interest in architecture persisted.

Twice during my corporate design career, I designed and built my own house. Travels allowed visits to noteworthy architectural sites on four continents. Experiencing buildings firsthand has brought and continues to bring feelings of joy, amazement, excitement, and wonder. On occasion, tears and the feeling of the hair raising on the back of my neck. Not in fear, but almost as a “religious experience.”

I appreciate the grandeur or subtlety of the big picture. Taking the entire site in view. But I revel in viewing the world close-up, especially architectural detail. Detailed close-up views, so many just walk by, including objects, buildings, people, and nature, are captured with a digital camera. From thousands of reference pictures, a few are chosen to be creatively converted into photo paintings using combinations of digital graphics software.

The Ohio Arts Council is a perfect venue to share my collections of abstract and minimalist photo paintings of the world close-up.

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4737 County Road 139 McComb OH 45858 United States


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