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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Richard Feinman

Website: feinart


Richard Feinman – Biography

I proudly identify as an American Painter whose artworks have traversed the globe, finding homes in collections worldwide. For over two decades, I have immersed myself in China, blending Eastern and Western cultures, contributing to various creative disciplines such as art, education, exhibition practice, writing, design, and professional development. Recently (August) I have returned to USA actively expanding my art visibility.

My artistic mission centers on constant growth, enriched by merging life experiences, nostalgic resonances, and everyday occurrences with the intricate nuances of my personal reality. Drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau aesthetic and the elegance of the figure form, I employ symmetrical techniques in my creative process. This involves flipping and rearranging these forms, giving rise to new, intertwining identities and fostering unique visual dialogues of subconscious thoughts, sometimes echoing the spirit of Pop Art in the narrative.

Having exhibited my works across three continents, I maintain an active professional practice, ensuring I stay updated with current trends and fostering connections with peers, academics, and fellow artists. Philanthropy holds a significant place in my journey, with a longstanding commitment to donating artworks to impactful charities such as Arts for Hearts, Lifeline, and the Make a Wish Foundation.

My current research examines how art serves as a bridge between past, present, and future personifications through layers of finite, random, and infinite temporal duration. These layers offer valuable insights into the intricate workings of human thought and emotion within the context of the visual art thought process and qualia (personal experience). At the core of this study lies the “Fein Wheel of Visual Art Thought Process” a complex three-layer diagram that plots both visible and intrinsic variables. This wheel serves a dual purpose: to validate or challenge and refine each variable within its structure, and to establish a link between the wheel and my own creative art practice. In essence, this study involves visually exploring life experiences (qualia) and realities that inspire deeper investigation. It contributes to a broader comprehension of art, creativity, and the human experience.

In my recent works at the TESA Creative Center in Taipei, Taiwan (resident artist from June 28 to July 28, 2003) I continued my exploration of symmetry, harmonizing “process” and “meaning”. This narrative invites exploration of diverse influences and encourages contemplation of intricate facets of identity and spirituality within my contemporary figurative series—an exploration I continue in my new work today.


Solo Shows

2023 July 23 – TESA Solo ShowExhibition Artist-in-Residence, No.57, Bajia, Shimen Dist, New Taipei City 253, Taiwan displayed 15 paintings

2021- May “Red Light” a solo show one night only featuring painting/lighting installations from the artist’s “Pop Nouveau” collection 151, Julu Rd, Shanghai, China

2018, January 15 – March 1, 4th Solo exhibition in China “Tree – Keep a green tree in your heart, perhaps a singing bird will come and sit.” (Based on an old Chinese proverb) SIMC 4358 Kangxin Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China – Display 30 Paintings

2017, June 2 – 12,3rd Solo exhibition in China “Conversations” at Cerallery Gallery RM. 110 BLDG 3 No. 50 Moganshan lu (M50) Shanghai China – Display 27 paintings/video

2014, April 29 – May 5, 2nd Solo exhibition in China “The Naked Tree” @Gallery 525 Heng Shang Lu, Shanghai China – Display 40 paintings/video

2008, May 31– June 29, 1st Solo exhibition in China at the Don Gallery, Shanghai, China – Display 20 paintings/video


2023 May 29- Award Winner, International Peace Prize, “16th Annual International Calligraphy and

Painting Awards Exhibition” Displayed 1 painting “Petit” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 8-36 Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-000

2022 November 1 Award Winner, Award of Excellence, 5th Annual Fantasy Art Exhibition – Contemporary online exhibition

2022 September 11 – October 8 Award Winner – First Dahe International Art Exhibition – Displayed two works Zhengzhou Hezhong Museum of Art No.83 Ruida Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou 450000 China 2022

2021 December 29 Award Winner -4th New Abstraction & Annual Exhibition Exhibition (Online Exhibition)


2023 July 23 – TESA Solo ShowExhibition Artist-in-Residence, No.57, Bajia, Shimen Dist, New Taipei City 253, Taiwan displayed 15 paintings

2020 – September 30 – October 6 – 897 Art Salon Residency, Beijing-Yuezhifu International Retirement Village, Beijing China – Painting Residency


2023 June 2 -3 – Arts for Hearts Charity Event – Donated three paintings for sale proceeds to help Chinese children receive heart operations, 1376 Nanjing Rd, Shanghai Center, Shanghai, China

2021- November 10 “The Space Between – Art for Mental Health” donated one painting and several prints auctioned for charity – Lifeline

2021 – October 22 – 23 – Arts for Hearts Charity Event – Donated three paintings for sale proceeds to help Chinese children receive heart operations, 1376 Nanjing Rd, Shanghai Center, Shanghai, China

2020 – November 6 – 7 – Arts for Hearts Charity Event – Donated three paintings for sale proceeds to help Chinese children receive heart operations, 1376 Nanjing Rd, Shanghai Center, Shanghai, China
2020 – October 25 – Tales from the Mirage – Make a Wish Foundation Charity Event – Donated one painting for auction, unit 102, block 12, Mirage M the Cool Docks, Shanghai, China

2019, November 15, Arts for Hearts, Heart to Heart Charity event, Hellas House 735 Yuyuan lu, Shanghai, China, Donated one painting to charity for Chinese children needing corrective heart surgery.

Group Exhibitions 2020 –Date (1995 – 2019 available upon request)

2023 May 26 – June 8 – The sixth “Fantasy Painting” International, 1st Floor, Hubei Youth Daily Media Creative Park, Hubei, China Displayed 1 painting

2023 April 1- 23 – “New Concept Art 2″ North Bund Art Space, 100 Yangshupu Rd., Hongkou District, Shanghai Displayed 1 – painting “Blacklight”

2023 February – “New Abstraction” Online exhibition Displayed two tree paintings

2023 February – “Flower and Bird” Online exhibition Displayed two flower paintings

2022 November 8 Tokyo International Art Salon (14th) Online exhibition Displayed one painting

2022 Sept 3 – October 12 Lockdown Art Group Exhibition displayed one painting 1156 Kangding Rd, Shanghai China

2022 September 8 The Beauty of NPO Japan International Art Institute – Featured Artist in an Online Art Exhibition

2022 May 29 – June 4 The 15th Japan International Painting and Calligraphy Awards Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,

2022 January International Art Exhibition Dedicated to 3rd Belt and Road International Educational and Agricultural Forum Organized by Huazhong Agricultural University, Uni Education – Online Exhibition displayed 1 painting

2021 December 26 China Australia Artists Invitational Exhibition (online exhibition) displayed 1 painting

2021- October Friends Come From Far Away – International Artist Salon Five People Exhibition Online Art Platform

2021- October 3rd Outstanding Abstract Painting Exhibition Online Art Platform

2021-July 21 – August 29 Artz Gallery Shanghai – first anniversary, 890 Changning Rd, Shanghai, China

2021 – April International Calligraphy & Painting Artists Association (ICPAA) Online Magazine

2021- October 3rd Outstanding Abstract Painting Exhibition Online Art Platform

2021 – February 26 – The 5th Crazy Commune International New Contemporary Art Exhibition (online) Shanghai, China

2021 – January 2nd Exhibition of Fantasy Painting / Contemporary Art Exhibition (online) Shanghai, China

2021 – January 24February 24 Listen – Group Invitational Exhibition at the 7A303 N0.50 (M50) Moganshanlu, Shanghai, China– displayed 3 artworks

2020 – December 27 – Who is Who? Group Invitational Exhibition at the No-Name Gallery Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China

2020 – December 10 – February 28 – “Home and Co-Existence” The 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale sponsored by the Shenzhen Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

2020 – November – The 2nd Crazy Exchange International New and Contemporary Art Network Exhibition – Online Art Platform

2020 – October – Unlocked – International Online Art Exhibition – Online Art Platform Sponsored by: Embassy of Ukraine in China, Uni Education China

2020 – September 30 – October 6 – 897 Art Salon Residency, Beijing-Yuezhifu International Retirement Village, Beijing China – Painting Residency

2020 – September 25 – October 8 – The Monkey King – Uproar in Heaven – Wan Lai Ming Exhibition, displayed 3 paintings, 53 Floor Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

2020 – September – International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2020 – Online Art Platform Sponsored by: AAE Expressionism Art Academy

2020 – August – Chinese Exhibition of Foreign Artists – Online Art Platform sponsored by the China International Society of Abstract Art

2020 – July 18,19 The Colour of Art Pop–Up Group Exhibition Wheelock Square 1717 Nanjing Rd Shanghai, China Organised and participated in a large outdoor event featuring 10 artists

2020 – July Chinese Exhibition of Foreign Artists Online Exhibition, Sponsored by China International Society for Abstract Art displayed 2 paintings

2020 – June – Room Art Festival – Online Art Platform
2020 – April24 – “Unlocked” International Online Art Exhibition Volume1 artist 12, 13, 14 organized in cooperation with: UNI Education, Uni Art, Viking Design and Culture– displayed 3 paintings

2020 May–Online publication “Magic Tree Art Space” 38th edition

2020 April– Featured artist in “The Who” Online platform by Heather Cai

2020 -2019 December 21 – February 15, Heaven and Earth Aggregation – Group Show, 300 Jiang Chang West Road, Jing an, Shanghai – Displayed 4 paintings

Artist Statement

Artist Statement – Richard Feinman

In the realm of my artistic pursuit, my objective is clear: to examine the depths of creativity by investigating subconscious, identity, and absolute realities. I aim to transcend the boundaries of conventional thought, expanding the comprehension of consciousness and creativity from the unique vantage point of an artist, thus contributing to the visual art thought process.

Through this creative journey and exploration of the subconscious, I aim to visually interpret my consciousness and absolute reality, or what I term “Surreality”.  This involves learning to harness experiential qualities, such as qualia (personal experiences), encompassing memories, feelings, emotions, and conversations from both the past and present, all of which contribute to the development of my work for the future. This interconnectedness between aspects of consciousness and “Surreality” fosters a dialogue between the subconscious and “self”.  This is achieved by constructing/deconstructing qualia from my subconscious and articulating each by visually fabricating (sewing) a new canvas on top of the original and/or tearing away the original canvas to reveal an older layer of canvas underneath. Each canvas constructed (Synthetic Surreality) and deconstructed (Analytic Surreality) represents a subconscious thought. When these thoughts or inner voices are coexistent they begin to produce conversation.

Conversation finds its expression through my ongoing  “Tree and Figure” series, where the  “Tree” series subtly intertwines into the narrative’s fabric in the background focusing on visualizing a narrative of intrinsic life expression, emotion, harmony, and, at times, discord. The “Contemporary Figurative” series takes the lead as the central motif. It transforms the human form using symmetrical techniques;  the figure is duplicated, flipped, and overlaid to represent three personalities of life, this exploration conveys personified consciousness and creates a new technique to generate dialog in the artwork. Both series can act independently or together.

New Research
The concept of using the figure duplicated, flipped, and overlaid to represent three personalities of life offers numerous avenues for research and exploration. My exploration will focus on the fluidity of the human form investigating diversity,  the complexities of identity, self-awareness, and the multi-layered nature of states of human consciousness, aiming to create conceptual pieces. Incorporating these concepts (fluid and symmetrical forms) into my figurative artwork, I intend to challenge conventional views of individuality and create space for interpreting the boundaries of consciousness.

What has started as conversation has now transfigured into a myriad of dynamics associated with consciousness, absolute realities, and identity.  Exploring fluidity, symmetry, identity dynamics (real self, perceived self, masked self), and consciousness in my art, I plan to combine these notions with diverse perspectives encompassing culture, ethnicity, gender, and sexual/gender identity. Exploring these fluid artistic expressions, confronts the notion that inflexible definitions of individuality and self-identity can be reshaped, reflecting contemporary societal changes. This realization transforms personal perspectives on identity and consciousness, especially concerning postmodernist art.

New Art
I aspire to contribute meaningfully to the growth of art and creativity allowing me to embrace my vision for the future and recognize the power of art in driving positive change in our world.

My new work strengthens the interrelation between the “process” and “meaning” in my work. It starts with the systematic construction and deconstruction of my creations into identifiable layers, The “Contemporary Figure” series will continue to employ symmetrical techniques to transform the human form, conveying a personified state of consciousness. The artistic process will intricately interconnect these figurative forms with various identities and realities. The “Tree” series will incorporate conceptual elements of art such as space, shape, form, and color, using expressive techniques. Both undertakings will complement each other, involving diverse painting methodologies such as sewing onto canvas, creating painted light installations on canvas, and manipulating the canvas itself (through construction and deconstruction techniques as stated above).

Subsequently, I refined and clarified the visual art thought process, encapsulating it within a diagram I’ve named “Fein’s Wheel – Visual Art Thought Process.” This diagram provides a comprehensive breakdown of the creative journey, serving as the foundation for my ongoing research and artwork. A recent demonstration of this process was evident during my completion of an Art Residency at the TESA Creative Center in Taipei, which took place from June 28 to July 28, 2023. The residency’s central theme, “Angels and Deities,” symbolizes my transition from Asia to North America, I am currently aligning this body of work with my new research. My ongoing exploration of the visual thought process contributes to shaping the future of art by preserving and discerning the essential “human” element in art creation.

Richard Feinman October 1, 2023