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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Regina Dorfmeyer

Home 13914 Beaumont Avenue County: Cuyahoga
Cleveland OH 44112 United States
Home Phone: 2166334868 Birthday: September 22, 2023 Website: Etsy Website: Fine Art America


Regina E. Dorfmeyer
Professional Contemporary Fingerpainting Artist
Regina E. Dorfmeyer is a 67 year old self taught, visually impaired, fingerpainting artist, wife and mother from Cleveland, Ohio. Regina discovered art later in life ironically, after her sight began to deteriorate. She was born highly myopic, and by the age of thirty-three she was completely blind in her right eye and developed degenerative myopia in her left.
Regina’s vibrant, textural, impressionistic finger-paintings have been selected by the Cleveland Sight Center’s yearly holiday greeting card sales for three years. Arts Possible Ohio nonprofit organization for artists with disabilities selected Regina’s paintings five times. She received three awards out of those five. Two of Regina’s paintings were purchased by the George Floyd Foundation of North Carolina. Currently, Regina’s oil painting, “Hey Sparky!” is on tour with Art Expressions Ohio/Art Possible Ohio 2023. She also has a piece showing at She Art 5’s, eight week exhibition through Deep Roots Experience and a twelve painting exhibit for eight weeks at Beck Center For the Arts, in Lakewood, Ohio.


Artist Statement

To be a fingerpainter is to reconnect with ones childlike freedom while, at the same time, embracing the beauty of adult pain and passion. I’m a visually impaired artist who’s preferred medium is water soluble oils on canvas. Because of my limited vision, I tend to paint big, bright and deep as my emotions. The decadent paints I use behave like icing that make sumptuous peaks as I lift my finger. The brush and palette knife are wonderful tools, however, as fine art and finger-painter, Iris Scott says, “ I have ten brushes. They are my fingers!” So I use them. I use everything. My nails, palms, knuckles if I have to in order to achieve the desired feeling. Sometimes, I think my dimmed vision and lack of visual perception has been a blessing in disguise. I see things differently. I paint things differently. Invite people to touch my work. Place your finger where mine was! A Touch Of RED By RED is art you can feel. Feel free to touch and be touched. 


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