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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Rachel Nace

Executive and Artistic Director; President Oyo Dance Company; Inspiration to MovementDance and Pilates
Home 1004 Parsons Ave. Columbus County: Franklin
Columbus Ohio 43206 United States
Home Phone: 614-253-6683 Website: Oyo Dance Company Website: Inspiration to Movement


Rachel began her study of dance in 1982. She danced for 11 years in pre-professional
companies and has danced professionally for over two decades. Rachel has studied with
many companies and teachers throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Rachel has
taught dance to persons age 3 – adult since 1991 and has taught dance at Harcum
College. She served as Ballet Mistress for Greater York Youth Ballet and has guest
taught and choreographed at regional ballet companies. She completed master teacher
John White’s Teaching Program in July of 2003. Ms. Rachel is the Director of the Dance
Program at Inspiration to Movement, Inc. She teaches Intermediate and Advanced
classes and the Adult Program.
Rachel began her “traditional” Pilates study in 1997 and earned her Teaching Certificate
of Completion in 1999. She served as a training teacher for a Teacher Training Program
in Rosemont, PA.  In November of 2005 she earned her National Certification from
the Pilates Method Alliance, one of the first 200 in the world to complete the test without
aid of the study guide. Rachel earned her certificate from the Fletcher
Pilates® Comprehensive Program (Formerly the Ron Fletcher Program of Study) in
January of 2006 as the first Qualified Teacher in the state of Pennsylvania and on the
East Coast. Rachel is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. In 2006 Rachel began
studying ballroom dancing. She moved to Ohio to dance ballroom professionally, and
won many titles.
In 2015, Rachel decided to embark on a journey to create a Professional Contemporary
Company based in Columbus, OH.  Her hope is to raise the awareness and technical
proficiency of local dancers and attract dancers from all around the country to perform
original Oyo Dance Company works as well as works by nationally known

Artist Statement

I am a classically trained dancer trying to break the mold of what classically trained dance looks like. As a choreographer, I work with dancers from many backgrounds to create pieces that highlight their unique spirits and that promote dialogue and understanding of complex social issues. Having received world-class training in many disciplines in and related to dance, I strive to use that training to break down barriers in the world of movement. In my work as Artistic Director for Oyo Dance Company, I am able to synthesize my knowledge of ballroom dance, ballet, modern and Pilates to create dynamic, emotionally compelling movement for dancers of many dance backgrounds, racial and cultural groups, and body types. I teach dancers to understand their bodies as a tool for creating art, and to focus on realizing their artistry.

The next stage of my career involves expansion. Up to this point, my professional company has been small and has worked with a small budget. While our small size has had its benefits, there are things I want to accomplish as a choreographer/director that require additional resources:

*Networking and Advertising: Many people and organizations that would potentially be interested in my work are outside of my immediate circle of influence. I’d like funding to attend professional events in the community to meet and talk with people doing work related to or compatible with mine, and to purchase advertising resources to increase name recognition in the community.

*Professional development and training: The majority of my professional training was completed when I was younger and very early in my career. As my focus has shifted over the years and I am working with dancers who are older, who have injuries, and who may need more complex emotional support, I would love to revisit some training fundamentals with my current work in mind. Specifically, I would like to do additional study in the Graham technique, to revisit the Vaganova teaching seminars at Mt. Holyoke College, and to attend Pilates workshops with Pat Guyton to further my study of changes in movement with age, injury, etc.

*Community Outreach: I would love to be able to provide movement classes and artistic experiences in the community (schools, libraries, community centers, outdoor public spaces, etc.). Additional funding would enable me to bring my work into the community without worrying about the financial impact on my company.