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Palli Davis

Home 13679 Green Road 4 County: Lorain
Wakman Ohio 44889 United States
Home Phone: 440 965 7114 Birthday: January 28, 1948


My practice is simple: Go to the studio daily. Work. Have several works-in-progress all the time. Work in series & sets so the thinking pushes itself forward. Foster the exercise of multiples, allowing the muscular movement of my hands to create both similarities & eccentricities. Walk in the woods, find a place to sit, listen & see when you get tired. Always have a set of objects in progress that require simple, clean handwork for the evenings in homage of the women’s work of our cultural history.

I have received OAC Individual Artist Fellowships. Three for the HOLDING STONES SERIES and a third for the PIECEWORK SERIES that I have recently revived. I work is represented in several museums, including the Dayton Art Institute, private & corporate collections and  the online gallery of 

Artist Statement

I am an object maker. For the last 29 years my major body of work has been the HOLDING STONES SERIES. It’s a vital collection born of a brainstorming exercise: How can I hold a stone or stones? There are only three simple materials. One, wood; lumber that can be cut, abraded, smoothed, joined. The second, found natural or fabricated stones. Occasionally I use natural sisal with basic handwork binding techniques. The objects serve as a metaphor for the human condition and the natural world, but I’m not preaching.

Granted the objects in the series have function- insignificant as it is. But it isn’t the common or implied cultural utility from my background in pottery and art furniture.