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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Mona Kolesar

Home 1815 Middlehurst Road County: Cuyahoga
Cleveland Hts Ohio 44118 United States
Home Phone: 216 321 7745 Website:


MONA KOLESAR SCULPTURE Exploring sculpture thru a wide variety of materials has been her main focus since coming to Cleveland for Graduate school. Combining such materials as metal, marble, slate, wood, (primarily cold bend wood), both for wall pieces and freestanding sculpture, has given her many opportunities to experiment and explore ideas. In addition to making her own art, she started an art consulting firm in Cleveland: selecting, commissioning and installing art primarily in public spaces. Before art consulting, Mona was an art instructor in Germany, Chicago and Cleveland

Artist Statement

MONA KOLESAR Statement and Bio     What do I want to say with my art? One of the crucial functions of art is to propose new worlds, different from the one you know, and, engaging the imagination through those creations.  I have selected lines in their many variations as my travel vehicle and guide. As such dimensional lines play a major role in my art. This means literally bending them as well as visually taking the eye on a journey. Playing with lines has been an ongoing exploration over an extended period.   Early investigations were with steel bars/bands, following that, laminated strips of cherry; next, cultured marble (Corian), and, recently, cold-bend wood. Vibrations, movement, waves, dance, sound, direction, flow, all can be expressed with lines. Lines can suggest containment or liberation. My recent sculptures have been inspired by both the design possibilities of bent wood and the potential of imagined or fantasy spaces. In a recent series of small rooms, I am using sculpture to explore ideas that are based on fantasies in my mind. I want them to be an invitation to make place and space an experience. Recent juried shows of note: HOYT REGIONAL show, juried by Retro Thuring, CHAUTAUQUA NATIONAL, juried show where my wall sculpture was chosen for the show’s poster, and, WOMEN ARTISTS OF NORTHEAST OHIO are a few of the high points. Past work has included numerous commissions for large wall constructions using wood, copper, aluminum, slate, granite and wood. Studying at the CWRU/CIA and 2 years teaching at a craft and photo shop in Germany have given me a wide background in construction techniques, material’s potential and developing my own sculptural style.


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