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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Mikee Huber

Home 1430 Allanwood Lane County: Montgomery
Riverside Ohio 45432 United States
Home Phone: 937.475.2709 Website: Linktree Website: website


Mikee Huber is an abstract artist whose work is informed by built environments, the natural world, and design. Inspired by the visual information embedded in such formats such as scientific images, circuit boards, and topographic views of city streets and waterways, she employs variations in color, scale, and contrast to create visual balance in her paintings and reimagine data as realms of possibility. 

She is a 2022 Dayton Region Arts Renewal Grant recipient, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and administered by Culture Works, Dayton, Ohio. In 2019, she was the recipient of an Artist Opportunity Grant, funded by the Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District and administered by Culture Works, Dayton, Ohio.

Mikee Huber currently serves as a board member of the Dayton Society of Artists (DSA). She is also a member artist of DSA, the Springfield Museum of Art (Ohio), and the Dublin Area Art League (DAAL).

Artist Statement

I often work in series as a way to organize my thoughts and ideas. My Connections series represents how the importance of community and individuals are woven together, especially as a result of COVID-19 virus which caused many people to be isolated and alone, missing family and friends and having their lives upended. My acrylic paintings allude to the light at the end of a long tunnel, a place and time that we will be able to safely connect in person again. Viewers can follow the twists and turns connecting the color fields and grids, leading them along a new journey. My Catalyst series is a result of the hope I felt after learning that the COVID-19 vaccine was available. In these paintings, I attempt to capture the movement, change, consciousness, and imagination generated by catalysts through scraping, adding, and subtracting layers of paints and inks, including interference paint the color of which shifts when viewed at different angles. And in my series Controlled Chaos, I uses unconventional tools and materials to reflect the busy lives many of us live. Tongue depressors, toothpicks, eye droppers, tweezers, and her fingers take the place of the traditional paintbrush to combine layers of paint, glitter, glue, and foil leaf. Fluid movements throughout the compositions beg viewers to see their own stories.