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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Michael Surber

Website: Seven Finn Design Shop


As an award-winning Ohio-based artist, Michael Surber has carved out a unique niche in the art world, one that honors the legacy of painting while pushing its boundaries. His artwork continues to inspire and captivate, securing his place as a significant contemporary artist whose work resonates with a wide audience, inviting us all to find our own stories within the vibrant hues and bold textures of his creations.

Artist Statement

My motto has always been “Dream in Color”. It’s on my shop site and was the title of one of my solo exhibits. Dreaming in color is like painting the canvas of your imagination with vibrant hues of possibility. It’s about embracing the richness of life’s experiences, infusing each moment with the brilliance of your dreams and aspirations. When we dream in color, we awaken the creative forces within us, allowing our minds to wander through landscapes of endless potential. Every thought becomes a brushstroke, every idea a splash of color, as we explore the boundless depth of our imagination. In a world often painted in shade of gray, dreaming in color is a rebellion against monotony, a celebration of extraordinary. It’s about daring to envision a brighter tomorrow, to see beyond the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary.