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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Mat Marrash

Work PO Box 44684 County: Franklin
Columbus Ohio 43204 United States
Website: Mat Marrash’s Website


Mat Marrash is a man in love with film photography. In the spring of 2010, after two years of dragging through the mediocrity of the digital lifestyle, Mat picked up a Hasselblad 500C and never looked back! Mat likes playing with all sorts of cameras, all the way from his handy-dandy Olympus Trip 35 all the way up to his mammoth Tachihara 8×10” field camera (see Barbershops). He experiments with whatever film he can get his hands on, and processes it all by hand in the darkroom. Mat even makes his own prints by hand, producing fine art silver gelatin prints from 8×10″ to 40×50″. Right now, he’s even playing around with some of photography’s oldest traditions, Alternative Process Printing; dating back to the 1850’s, Mat’s in the darkroom printing just like the pioneers of modern photography!

When not shooting, Mat’s doing everything he can to promote film photography. You can hear Mat alongside two other great photographers Michael Raso and John Fedele on the bi-monthly internet radio program, The Film Photography Podcast. Starting in 2020, he also started back to making video’s on his YouTube channel. Tune in to “Large Format Friday” to see his latest work with large format photography.

Artist Statement

 Being a photographer in the era of smartphones and social media can be exhausting. Digital photography continues to improve and technically good photographs become more effortless to take. Bodies of photographic work get pushed further down an endless digital feed this is refreshed at the swipe of a finger. Those that aren’t constantly putting out “content” fade out of the collective consciousness in an instant. My name is Mat Marrash, and I’m a photographer that works at an intentionally slower pace. I work with an old wooden camera and big pieces of 8×10” film. I use the demanding process of large format photography to evaluate every detail in the scene and carefully construct each photograph.