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Lynn Cox

Home 695 Mohican Way County: Franklin
Westerville Ohio 43081 United States
Website: Lynn Cox Art


Lynn Cox was born in a small village in East-central Ohio Appalachian coal country. He began the serious study of Art at Kent State University with Arthur Limbach Jr. He then attended The Ohio State University where he earned a BFA.  He studied painting with Robert King, Robert Mosokowitz, and John Torreano among others. 

 He continued his education and growth–earning an MFA in painting from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he studied with John Grillo, James Hendricks, George Wardlaw, and Walter Kamys. 

Lynn has been a laborer in brickyards and heavy highway construction, an installer of information retrieval systems for DOD, a carpenter’s helper, a database designer, a factory-certified Mercedes-Benz automotive technician and trainer, a freelance graphic designer, photographer, computer graphics consultant, and college teacher. 

He currently lives in Westerville, Ohio

Artist Statement

We know from research and evidence that human symbolic thought has existed for over 100,000 years. Images came before words. Symbolic thought enabled humans to move beyond the literal appearance of things and to imbue objects with transcendent meaning.  

My work is the residue of investigations into ideas about living; ritual, myth, spirit, and how images & symbols communicate realities beyond appearance. As an artist, my focus is to expand and clarify my visual vocabulary so that it can be shared with the world that I live in.  

Many times work starts with a specific idea of what I am going to make, and I imagine a result. 

I have learned through experience that if I remain fixed on pre-visualization, I may miss the opportunity to pursue the path revealed through working. This is a path of imagination, form, image, and intuition, with a singular coherent result. Each work session provides experience essential to refining my syntax of the visual.