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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Lori Park



Lori Park grew up in New England, Australia, and Dayton Ohio. As a teenager she worked as a wilderness guide and during college, on salmon fishing boats in Alaska. She started making sculptures at an early age, learning to cast metal as a teenager, later working in large-scale bronze, as well as in mixed media, wire, installation, textural panels, assemblage, kinetic works, and also cyanotypes and printmaking. She went to college in the Pacific Northwest – The Evergreen State College, later graduating from Harvard University where she studied policy and economics. She left her job at the US Environmental Agency in Washington DC to pursue her art full-time. As an artist she travels between the US, UK, Europe, and Morocco, between cultures and continents.

She works small and large scale, with wire suspension 7 stories high at PricewaterhouseCoopers London. She exhibited at the United Nations Conference Of the Parties to the UN Agreement on Climate Change / “COP22” Marrakech (2 solo shows and one group exhibition) where she was awarded the trophy for “Women, Art & Climate” from the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Nations Development Program. She has produced a collection of cyanotypes on climate change across 8 countries. Her large-scale work was included in Sotheby’s “Beyond Limits” world-renowned exhibition held at Chatsworth House, The Duke of Devonshire’s Estate, featuring monumental sculptures; Spitalfields Public Art Program London; The Museum of Marrakech; the Marrakech Biennale; and the 1-54 African Art Fair/Marrakech. Her collection of 10 large-scale wire sculptures a historical depiction of Lord Bath’s family dogs is in the Longleat House collection. Her work is in the UK National Collection and the Royal Bank of Scotland collection. It is included in the private collection of the King of Morocco and the Princess Lalla Merium; and in other private collections in France, Denmark, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Istanbul, the USA, Costa Rica, and Australia.

She has a studio in Dayton, Ohio. Also England and Marrakech, Morocco.