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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Lijun Wang

Home Ohio United States


Lijun Wang, a self-taught artist with over two decades of experience, fuses her Chinese heritage with her American immigrant experience to create art that celebrates the enchantment of nature and life’s ever-changing beauty. Settling in the United States as a homemaker, Lijun’s dedication to her craft remained unwavering, and her dream is to ascend to the heights of artistic accomplishment. Her work is a testament to her deep appreciation for the world’s seasons, landscapes, and the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. Through each brushstroke, she seeks to convey this fleeting beauty and ignite a sense of wonder in others, offering a shared connection to the world’s captivating magic.

Artist Statement

As a self-taught artist, my creative journey spans over two captivating decades, a path that artfully interweaves the vivid threads of my Chinese heritage with the ever-evolving canvas of life in the United States. My artistic exploration, characterized by its indomitable spirit, has taken on a unique and profound hue. A pivotal chapter in my odyssey unfolded when I embraced the role of a homemaker, immersing myself in the rich tapestry of motherhood, and it is within this beautifully chaotic realm that my commitment to painting found renewed vigor.
My aspiration, fervent and unwavering, is to transcend the boundaries of artistry and emerge as an accomplished artist whose work resonates with hearts across the globe. In the quiet sanctuary of my canvases, I extend an invitation to the world, a portal through which others may glimpse the depths of my boundless affection for the art of living and the ceaseless wonder of nature.
Every facet of existence unfurling around me has become an unending wellspring of inspiration. It is the shifting seasons, each with its own unique temperament and palette; it is the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, a dance of contrasts that unfolds daily, that have become my ever-present muses. As I traverse the landscapes that grace my journey, I am not content merely with capturing the scenery; instead, I strive to reveal the living stories that unfurl before my eyes. My mission as an artist is to harness the alchemy of my brush to immortalize the very essence of their charm, to capture the stories whispered by the rustling leaves and the secrets held in the sway of the grass.
My heart swells with an insatiable appreciation for the world, a love that transcends language and borders. With each new creation, my artistic quest is to encapsulate the ephemeral beauty that graces our existence and weave it into the tapestry of my art. My brush, a mystical translator of the soul, acts as an instrument through which I convey this beauty to all who engage with my work. Through my art, I hope to convey the profound wonder that imbues existence, to share the enchantment of the everyday, and to celebrate the ceaseless evolution of life and the intricate patterns woven by nature. In the delicate interplay of color and form on my canvases, I aspire to articulate the timeless and extraordinary story of the world as I perceive it.
Each brushstroke is a breath of life, each canvas a testimony to my ongoing artistic journey, and each piece an offering to the world, extending an opportunity for others to join me on this ever-unfolding adventure.