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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Lashonda Love

Storyteller & Interdisciplinary Artist
Newark Ohio United States
Website: Portfolio & Projects


Lashonda Love is a storyteller and interdisciplinary artist based in central Ohio. She holds her B.A. in Music from Denison University and is the Creative Director of UnBound Arts Collective. She is also the creator, writer, and narrator of Extraplanar Radio Show, and the author of TAKE THIS WITH YOU and Tales from Niveen.

Her work is deeply informed by daydreams of rest and liberation, identity, nature & romanticism, witchcraft, death & grief, chronic illness, eco-futurism, anarchy, gender, lust, and the nuances and intersections of all. Lashonda believes in the power of the arts, embodiment, and deep rest as tools with which to dismantle systems of oppression.

As a queer and genderfluid person of color raised in a low-income, trauma-affected household, Lashonda centers trauma storytelling and the intersections of identities in their projects.

Lashonda’s first official endeavor into the arts began when she was gifted a violin from the pastor at her childhood church for her progress in music and invited to accompany service at ten years old. She was also an avid writer at the time and entered the Columbus Dispatch R.L. Stine Writing Contest, earning her first taste of recognition – publication in the local newspaper – at twelve years old. 

While music and writing have been the main competitors for Lashonda’s attention through the years, she has also dipped her toes into body movement through the study and practice of yoga, burlesque, African Dance, and Modern/Postmodern Dance. She was a performer in the 2017 dance, “Belonging Here’ choreographed by Michael J. Morris, and even made an appearance as an accompanying musician with the ETHEL Quartet for Sandra Mathern’s “Dance ETHEL Dance” presented in 2017.

More recently, she has taken to combining writing, sound, and spoken word to create new works and looks to continue bending artistic mediums to her will by incorporating visual art, dance, voice work, writing, and music at as many creative intersections as possible.