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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Kim Weitkamp

Treehouse Artists
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“If we are talking rock and roll, Tina Turner was a national treasure, country has Dolly Parton and in the world of storytelling we have Kim Weitkamp.” Steve Perry, Highway 89, Sirius XM. 

Singer, songwriter, storyteller, funny human. Just a few of the titles used to introduce Kim Weitkamp to her audiences.

Kim grew up in Amish Country as the middle child of exhausted parents. Labeled by teachers as high-spirited, uncooperative and too talkative, Kim took those comments and channeled them into a lifetime of high-energy, heartfelt and hilarious artistry. Kim’s love of telling a good story and singing started at a young age, and it set her on the path of enjoying those things in a myriad of ways.

“A voice like warm honey. …Kim studs her storytelling performances with bits of music Americana that match the sweet tones of her narratives.”The Oregonian

She performs full-time at festivals and theaters around the country, has written a well received folk operetta and has been a guest editor and contributor for various publications.  Kim’s material gets regular airplay on Sirius XM and NPR affiliate stations. 

Kim has 9 of her own award winning albums, has produced and/or designed  32 albums for other performers and has  hosted a morning show for a DOVE Award winning radio network. She has been honored with leadership and speaking awards for her  work with internationally known companies and non profits like Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity and Conflict Resolution Centers.

“Singular characters, fantastic situations and heartfelt wisdom. All the best that a storyteller can offer. ” Kimball Theater, Williamsburg, VA

Artist Statement

Connection. Creation. Community.

This is why I do what I do. Story is powerful. How do I know that? I can take a roomful of 1,000 people from all walks of life, different political views, various ethnicities, different religious beliefs, and tell them a story and soon, they are laughing together, clapping together, crying together. Coming together. Connection.

Storytelling is the only art form where the audience leaves creating the very same art they just witnessed.  I love jazz, but not many people leave a jazz concert and buy a trumpet or stand up bass. I love modern dance, but not many people leave a performance and dance to the car or suddenly take lessons. I love art, but what is the percentage of people who leave the Louvre and go into oil painting or archeology?  Some people, I am sure, are inspired by these examples, but how many actually persue it upon leaving the experience. Over 16 years of performing my stories and songs I have witnessed people walking through the lobby after the show and they are all telling stories. Many of them are building on the very universal theme that I focused on during my performance. Their mind is awakened and their hearts are touched by the memories that were stirred up during the show. Oh how the stories do flow on that car ride home. Creation.

My work with story goes beyond the stage. Families and communities are more resilient and grounded when stories are told. I was the Lead Storyteller and Creative Facilitator for the Peace by Piece Project in Virginia. We chose over 300 children and helped them write a story of a time when they had experienced peace in their lives. We then took those stories and had each child translate it into piece of art that was transferred onto a quilt square. These were then pieced together and the quilt traveled around the state of Virginia, along with the book of stories, and then it came to rest at the Governors Mansion. 

I am currently working on a large scope project titled The Power of Story:Lifting Community Voices. This project includes several groups ranging from people suffering from food insecurity, to survivors of domestic violence, to family members who have lost a loved one to gun violence. In this project I work with the participants to use their experience for change. I teach them how to craft their story and tell it in an authentic and powerful way. Then, we give them a stage and/or prepare them to present in places where their stories need heard.  When we hear each others stories, we become stronger as a community and we are moved to action, through empathy, for others. Community.

Whether you are looking for an entertaining evening of story and song or a project for your company or community, I am here to guide it to success.