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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Kevin Buckland

Buckland Gillespie
Work Phone: 614-543-0000 Cell Phone: 614-214-9900 Website: Kevin Buckland, artist


Kevin Buckland, artist

Recognized for his elaborate and engaging paintings, Kevin works exclusively in watercolor and is noted for his mastery of the medium.

His inspiration can come from anywhere. He doesn’t limit himself to any particular subject, and is open to any possibilities that watercolor provides.


Art At The Arnold, Chairman

PBS Blogger Civilizations Art Series

Ohio Watercolor Society Board member

Member American Watercolor Society and Central Ohio Watercolor

Owner Buckland Gillespie Design

Artist Statement

KEVIN BUCKLAND “Watercolor painting without limits”

Kevin has always had a passion for the arts. His painting style has been strongly influenced by highly detailed, realistic painters. He greatly appreciates the skill and discipline it takes to produce that level of work.


Born and raised in Knox County, Ohio; his painting inspiration comes from what he knows and enjoys, the rural Ohio landscape. Mostly a studio painter; occasionally Kevin will venture outdoors to paint on location . For over 30 years, Kevin and his wife, Pertain, own and operate Buckland Gillespie Design, an art and

design studio offering creative services to small and large companies. And while he loves graphic art and working with his corporate clients, painting in watercolor is truly his passion.

Media and Technique

Kevin’s watercolor technique varies from dry brush, wet on wet, surface mixing, and various others that achieve the illusion of highly detailed colorful paintings.

Each painting begins by carefully selecting a subject matter that evokes a feeling or has some special meaning to him. After carefully studying the subject he considers all the elements needed for a successful painting. Composition, color and technique along with years of practice, is the formula for all his paintings.

Notable Print & Television

Live TV Painting Demonstration “Columbus Home & Garden Show” FOX 28 • Public television “Broad & High” Channel 34 • Appeared on “Good Day Columbus” Fox 28 TV • NBC Channel 4 • “C” Magazine • City Scene Magazine • The Columbus Dispatch • Columbus Magazine •The Delaware Gazette • The Grove City Record Go Weekly NW Ohio Entertainment • Knox County Citizen • Looking Glass Magazine, Knox County, Ohio • The Mount Vernon News • Olentangy Valley News • Suburban News Publications • Wheeling News-Registar