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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Kent Krugh

Home 6356 Georgetown Road County: Butler
Fairfield OH 45014 United States
Cell Phone: 5134047672 Website: Kent Krugh Photography


Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living and working in Cincinnati. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions both national and international and in major festivals including FotoFest in Houston and the Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors in both national and international print and portfolio competitions and has been a Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist. His work is held in various collections including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Portland Art Museum, and the Cincinnati Art Museum.  A book of camera x-rays and essays by A.D. Coleman and Barbara Tannenbaum, Speciation: Still a Camera, was published in 2018 by Fraction Editions. 

Artist Statement

I grew up on my grandfather’s farm in northern Ohio where I helped in the fields and with the livestock.  My other grandfather took me into the woods to hunt and onto the lake to fish.  Solitary hours in the fields, woods, and on the lake provided ample opportunity to ponder the beauty and power of nature.  The ordered beauty of crop rows and the concentric ripples on water’s surface made an impression on me.  Coupled with a religious upbringing, my faith embraces the notion of a universe created and sustained by a supreme being.  A degree in physics fuels my inquisitive nature and reinforces my astonishment at the intricacies of life and the physical processes that drive our universe.

I took my first picture when I was around 10 years old with a Kodak Duaflex.  Later I set up a small darkroom in one of my mother’s bathrooms where I developed B&W film and made contact prints.  In high school, I photographed sports events and was the yearbook photographer.  During college I took a couple darkroom classes and bought my first 35mm, a Canon AE-1. Much later, I attended an Alternative Photography workshop with my daughter at the Art Academy in Cincinnati and was inspired to enter the world of art photography.  Karl Blossfeldt, Eugene Meatyard, Minor White, Josef Sudek, S. Gayle Stevens, and Mathew Brandt are a few photographers I admire and are probably influenced by.

Much of my work is project based and is a result of asking the question “What would happen if…” I’m fortunate to have had access to high powered x-ray machines so, much my work between 2010 and 2020 investigates various objects with x-rays. But despite the technical and experimental nature of my x-ray projects, much of my photography explores the natural world and the beauty found there.