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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Kara Cea

Executive Director/Fouder ArtSparks
Work P.O. Box 1061 County: Summit
Cuyahoga Ohio 44223 United States
Work Phone: 3305246697 Website: ArtSparks Website


ArtSparks is an educational outreach organization that provides access to quality dance and music classes and performances to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity. ArtSparks is an Associate of the National Dance Institute and is uniquely equipped to with NDI’s accalimed pedagogy that brings out the best in every child.

In every ArtSparks class, two teaching artists and a musician joyfully lead participants in an exploration of a core academic subject through a fast-paced dance lesson. The three-artist teaching team ensures that each and every student is given personal attention and thoughtful encouragement to reach their personal best. HOW we deliver the material is the key to our unique programming and trust and engagement are central to our method. Live music is an essential component of an ArtSparks class as it allows for continual, energetic movement and the integration of musical concepts in real time.

Additionally, ArtSparks participants are expected to work as the ArtSparks staff works- as a TEAM- and the three person team is exceptional for modeling cooperation, respect, and the personal best concepts that we extol. ALL ArtSparks teaching artists and musicians are degree holding professionals who complete continuing education professional development workshops as part of their affiliation with the organization.

The ArtSparks experience is about so much more than simply learning dance steps. Higher order thinking skills are demanded as students engage in problem solving, critical thinking, and imagination as they are challenged to repeat their steps in a variety of ways: doing the steps faster, slower, with their eyes closed, smaller, bigger, in half the counts, facing a new direction, competing as teams. Their minds are open that the possibilities to achieve excellence are endless, and all the while the instructors observe and modify to ensure that each individual achieves a personal success while building the electric energy and power of the group.

Artist Statement

ArtSparks’ mission is to provide access to high-quality dance programming; to foster the understanding of dance as an art form; and to challenge students of all ages and abilities to discover new heights of individual excellence through focused attention, creative exploration and a sense of community so that they might joyfully dance their way to becoming a more confident human-being than they were before they stepped onto the dance floor.