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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Judy Rush

Home 122 So. Dawson ave. County: Franklin
Bexley Ohio 43209 United States


Judy Rush is a studio artist living in Columbus Ohio. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Textile Design (University of Massachusetts) and Masters of Art Education/Computer graphics (The Ohio State University). She taught textile science and clothing construction for many years at Columbus College of Art and Design. An award winning artist who began her professional art career making art quilts, she is a featured Artist in Art Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric, by Martha Sielman. Judy’s public quilt works are on display in the Columbus Convention Center and reproduced on the elevators of the Columbus Ohio downtown Hyatt Hotel parking garage.

Judy is captivated by the minutia of the world. Her quilts are composed of layers of fabrics that are lacerated, revealing hidden elements. At some point during the laceration and examination of the layers, she realized she was mostly interested in the single element that creates the whole, the fiber itself. During a residency in The Netherlands, she experimented in wet felting. Wet felting expanded her interest in the strength and energy of that single element, the fiber. Her work has been shown locally at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and the Riffe Gallery in Columbus Ohio as well as numerous other art venues nationally and internationally.


Artist Statement

I’m interested in the fiber. The individual, tiny fiber. By itself the fiber has very little strength. The strength of the material is increased by combining the single fiber with other fibers along a web. The combination aids in the distribution of energy and weight along the network. Most everything is made of fiber today. Fibers are ideal because of their ability to flex as individual across the structure under expanding and compressing environmental condition. Think of roadways and bridges, space shuttles and building. All use fiber in their structural support system.

I like the idea that fiber is created with the use of tension and relaxation. In order to make fabric, the fiber must be held under tension. When that tension is released, the fabric become supple and moldable. Fiber also carries and hold onto energies. I touch every single fiber in this work multiple times during its creation. I act as the conduit for the energy that is put into the work. Every work seems to develop its own story, every work seems to have its own personality and certainly has its own energy.


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