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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

John Lauer

John Lauer ART + Design
Home 61 Fairview Avenue County: Athens
Athens OH 45701 United States
Home Phone: (208) 720-7723 Website: John Lauer ART + Design


I’m an artist and designer living in a treehouse on the edge of Appalachia.  I have a BA in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, a MFA in Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and a M.Arch from Georgia Tech, and for all that, was still a lousy intern when I started in architecture some 40 years ago.  Often bored with board drafting and the limitations of orthogonal geometry, I started using wire and tissue paper to create a more fluid, curvilinear form language that I eventually adapted to the computer as the architectural software advanced.  I now make what I call Demon Heads out of paper, first modeling the heads in the computer, then flattening the shapes into patterns which I cut out of paper and assemble edge-to-edge.  Throughout my career, there has been an easy flow of ideas and techniques between my architectural and exhibit design work and my more personal art making.

Artist Statement

Discovering the world in me

Masks, myths and fairy tales, primitive architecture, festival structures –theme parks, even– I draw on world traditions to talk about me, my place in the world –what it feels like inside my head in combat with the outside world.

Forms and stories –the more fantastical the better– I reinterpret within my own belief system, in my own form language, in the attempt to understand what is particular to me but which, at the same time, might be universal to people of all stripes.

Making the weak strong

Evil spirits of the world I see as inner demons and use to acknowledge the ugliness within –the seething anger, the disabling shame– but instead of pushing it away, I draw on it as an energizing force in the face of hostility.  My masks and helmets are reminders to call forth your demons, to show your true colors, to stand up for your beliefs.  They are battle-wear for the current round of Culture Wars.  The fact they are made of paper only underscores the hilarious grimness of the fight we’re engaged in. 

Just as I find ways of bucking up inner defenses, I look for ways of strengthening a flimsy sheet of paper.  In bones, leaves, shells, I find interior trusses, curves-upon-curves, many interlocking pieces.  The result is a thin shell construction strong as a wasp nest, tight as a cicada shell.

Going inside

Next, after six years of masks:  Hell Mouths and inner wombs.


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