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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jennifer Brown

Home 7838 Astra Circle County: Franklin
Reynoldsburg Ohio 43068 United States
Website: Two Artists


My training in art has not been traditional.  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree is an interdisciplinary degree in arts and sciences from the Ohio State University and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Ohio Dominican University.  My current artistic practice is focused on printmaking and ceramics.  I learned printmaking at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and studied (and still study) ceramics at LangWeil Studios in Groveport, Ohio.

As a member artist at Studios on High Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, I exhibit in both mediums.  In the printmaking realm, I am most drawn to dry point etchings on acrylic and enjoy combining them with other techniques.  I also create photopolymer gravure prints using light-sensitive metal plates (developed in plain water) and my own photographs and original drawings and combining these prints with graphite and charcoal.  I am also a printmaking instructor at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center.  The instructors and students all use non-toxic methods and materials for printmaking, and we are all conscious of reusing supplies and conserving our materials to the greatest extent possible. I ink and print all of my images by hand in small editions.  I do not limit myself to particular subjects or themes, and my inspiration comes from both familiar and new places.

My ceramics include hand-built, slab constructed, and wheel-thrown vessels and sculptures. I find hand-building to be meditative and will go to that process when I need to be in my happy place.  I enjoy working with different vessel shapes, and my pieces range from very contemporary-looking, to traditional, to whimsical.  Most of my ceramics are raku-fired, though I have done some traditional firing in an electric kiln and have begun exploring wood firing.  Raku and wood firing both involve a group effort, and the collaboration with other artists is a key part of the experience.  Many of us have attended classes and workshops together for a decade or more, and I’m confident I am a better artist and much happier human being for having been part of this supportive, creative community.

Artist Statement

My current artistic practice is focused on printmaking and ceramics.  Although I do not limit myself to particular subjects or themes in printmaking, I am drawn to memory and how we reimagine or add to what is past.  My most recent explorations involve combining photopolymer gravure with graphite and charcoal to create pieces that blur the boundary between our “definitive” visual observations and the softer edges our imaginations offer.  My ceramic pieces are primarily hand-built and raku-fired, and they encompass a wide range of shapes from whimsical sculptures to contemporary vessels and tiles.  The slower process of hand-building suits the way I approach art in general; it allows me to take my time with each piece, make adjustments along the way, and enjoy the process as process.


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