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Jeffrey Smith

Owner Art of Frozen Time
Home 2745 Center Creek Cir County: Greene
Spring Valley Ohio 45370 United States
Home Phone: 9379176326 Website: Art of Frozen Time


I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Geology, and flew with the U.S. Air Force for 24 years.  I often muse that the Air Force commissioned me based on my degree of studying rocks, and later as a tanker navigator, paid me to avoid these same rocks.  After a fun career, I moved back to the Miami Valley where I’m pursuing my second passion…photography.


Landscape, nature, and architectural photography entail my favored subjects, while sunset and twilight are definitely my favorite times of day!  If you love colorful sunsets, I think you’ll enjoy these prints.  In addition to capturing city skylines under amazing skies, I am also creating images using Evidence-based design (EBD) principles.  EBD is an approach where researchers realized that patients, clients, and employees feel relaxed, heal faster, and become more productive when surrounded by certain calming images of nature.  Employing this approach over the last year, I’ve worked to capture scenes that medical facilities use to place their patients at ease while touting their pride in the local community.


If your days are filled with challenges, I hope these vibrant prints bring peace and solitude.  In capturing these images, it’s hard not gaining a sense of awe and wonder, and I’m convinced it’s my calling to share these decisive moments.

Artist Statement

For me, the most intriguing light comes at the end of the day…as a result, I love chasing sunsets!  The interaction of the low-angled sun and high-level clouds produce brief but amazing colors.  The conditions which produce these scenes are infrequent and pass quickly when they do occur.  In fact, on most days, they don’t happen at all.  Often, an over-the-horizon cloud blocks the sunlight from painting the skies in warm colors.  On other days, I’ll find clouds perfectly poised to being lit from underneath, right before they suddenly evaporate from view.  Despite the trials and tribulations, the thrill comes from the fleeting moments when it all comes together…where patience, anticipation and preparation produce stunning scenes which evoke awe and excitement!


If I’m lucky enough to catch favorable light, I prefer the contre-jour technique of pointing my lens into the light.  Given the extreme contrast between dimmer, golden-hour foregrounds and the still very bright sun and underlit clouds, the exposures become more unforgiving.  I mitigate these effects through bracketing.  Coupled with the bracketing, some vistas beg for a panoramic composition which entails capturing a series of exposures which sweep across the horizon.


The parks and vistas I shoot are often void of visitors during these hours leaving me to ponder if I was the only one witnessing the spectacle.  In creating these images, its hard not to experience a sense of awe and wonder, thus I find my calling in sharing these decisive moments.


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