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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jean Judd

Home 2807 State Road 87 County: Polk
Cushing Wisconsin 54006 United States
Cell Phone: 7155660212 Website: Youtube:


Textile artist Jean M. Judd of Cushing, Wisconsin has been constructing textile artworks for over thirty years incorporating dense hand stitching which gives visual and physical texture to her work. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1963. She has lived by water her entire life: the Mississippi River in Lake City, Minnesota from 1965 to 1982; 1986-1991, the Sea of Japan from 1982 to 1986, and the St. Croix River from 1991 to the present where she has her private studio in Cushing, Wisconsin. Her work includes pieced work using commercial fabrics as well as rust pigmentation and non-traditional dyeing techniques. More recent work has been using whole cloth construction using her hand dyed, Suminagashi, and painted fabrics and rust pigmentation along with her signature hand stitching. Each piece is unique and starts with an idea from her subconscious and develops as she constructs the artwork. Decisions are made regarding materials, technique, size, and sculptural stitching as the piece develops. Nothing is preplanned so the initial idea may not be even close to what the finished artwork reveals. The intent of her work is not to be a recognizable, representational image of a specific place, time, or object. The artist’s intent is to bring up feelings, emotions, and contemplation by each viewer of the work. She wants them to slow down, disconnect with the current world, and take time to look at and feel the artwork. What does the work say to the viewer; what connection do they feel to the artwork; what emotion does the artwork bring to the viewer; what personal story can they assign to what they are seeing and experiencing? Ms. Judd’s work can be found in many private art collections in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America. She exhibits her award-winning artwork nationally in juried fine art exhibitions. Her work is represented by several fine art galleries in the United States. She is the author of several books describing her processes, artistic philosophy, and experiences with artist residencies. A full professional resume and more about her artwork can be viewed on her website, .

Artist Statement

Artist and author Jean M. Judd has been creating textile artworks since 1990. She creates work for individual collectors, private commissions, as well as for fine art exhibitions and design projects across the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe. When asked, her medium is “hand stitched thread on textile”. That statement can further be explained by whether the textile is a commercial textile, a hand dyed or painted textile, or an enhanced textile with rust pigmentation that was created in her studio. Over thirty years of experimentation with these materials has led to a distinctive narrative in her artwork. The series that have developed and are still being built out, show a wide range of subject: non-objective, abstract, geometric, conceptual, and minimalism. The intricate and dense hand stitching in each work gives the piece a visual and physical texture that creates interesting shadow and light play across the work. The common factor in all of her mixed media textile artwork is that cotton fabric is the canvas on which she works, and hand stitched thread is her brush. They are used to create a piece of fine art with visual as well as physical texture. The design process starts with a hand dyed, marbled, or dye painted fabric ground. It is eventually transformed over time into its final reality with the last hand quilting stitch in the artwork. Often the finished piece is nothing like the original vision which adds to the excitement and the design potential for the next artwork. What started in the artist’s mind as a vague idea is transformed into a larger, more complex, and more dramatic finished artwork than intended. Each piece is a journey filled with the artist’s emotions and life experience. The hand of the artist can be seen and felt in every inch of the artwork. This aspect draws in viewers for up close, intimate experiences with the artwork. Involuntarily they reach out to feel the work and to connect with the artwork and artist in the most basic of senses…the human touch. This intimate connection fostered by the tactile artwork transcends emotional and physical boundaries. The artwork is intended to be displayed on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or in a multi-piece installation. Many of the artworks are designed to be rotated and can hang in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, which makes for dynamic presentations and changing free-form displays of the textile artwork. Her work is valued by collectors for its unique use of thread, textiles, dye, rust, color, form and shape. It is not production work or multiple prints, but individual artworks created one at a time. Attention to detail is paramount and reflected in the work. Memories of heirloom quilts, family members, and the warmth of textiles are reflected in each piece as an underlying subtle message.


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