The Ohio Artist Registry (OAR) is an exciting opportunity for artists to share their work, connect with the creative community, and establish an online presence—all on a free, virtual platform! The OAR encourages artists working in all art forms, throughout Ohio and beyond,  to create a profile, which allows them to better promote themselves and their work. Being listed in the OAR provides artists with new opportunities to share their work with clients, galleries, patrons, and audiences. A listing in the OAR does not confer an endorsement, approval, or verification by the Ohio Arts Council.
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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jason Flakes

Home Phone: 330-714-1515 Website: Company Website


Jason is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and Industrial Designer who seeks to improve people’s lives through storytelling and design. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for social awareness, he leverages various media platforms to bring authentic, impactful stories to life. Jason’s human-centered design philosophy, combined with his expertise in research and multimedia, helps him address social issues and empower individuals. Jason is also known for his work as a business coach and life design expert. He believes that success in both personal and professional life can be achieved through finding harmony between work and rest. Jason calls this approach the “Hustle Equation.” By striking a balance between work and rest, individuals can provide value to others and prioritize their well-being. Jason is also a TEDx speaker on the topic “Putting Hustle Culture to Rest.”

Artist Statement

Jason believes that designing is a responsibility and an artist should share their designs with the world. He wants to entertain all five senses through his work, which is constantly evolving.