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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jack Earley

Jack Earley
Home 4155 Brookdale Lane Unit #3 County: Greene
Sugarcreek Township OH 45440 United States
Cell Phone: 513-919-0633 Website: premier artist


Jack Earley was born and raised in Xenia OH, and has lived in New York, California, Arizona, Minnesota and North Dakota. He has lived in Ohio (again) since 1994.  He started his professional art career in 1986, having over 40 art galleries across the United States handling his work, with many one-man shows/openings and group shows.  He has run public youth street painting events and given talks on art at public art venues.  He is a premiere artist on

Artist Statement

After writing for two decades, I was developing an idea that I knew could be better expressed as a painting.   I took up painting full-time.

My work is about inner energy.  I sign the inner energy of the subject onto the canvas.

Along with focusing on the inner energy of my subject matter, I am constantly working with an awareness that humans have an ancient need to see form, be it in clouds or in chipped paint on a wall or in waving leaves.  The ability to decipher forms is part of our oldest survival skills.  Imagine the advantage of being able to quickly spot the approaching bear among the shifting shadows of trees–the advantage and the thrill.

The energy from the work is intended excite the viewer, but after a longer look, lead the viewer into a place of thoughtful tranquility.

I work with acrylics on canvas and sumi-e inks on rice paper.


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