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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Greg Martin

Website: Greg Martin Studio


As a Cleveland based artist and designer, I would primarily define myself as a sculptor as this has been the primary medium throughout my artistic career, even when using mediums such as painting and photography.

I am a 1989 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, with a BFA in Industrial Design.

My work has been exhibited in numerous shows throughout the state of Ohio and the US, as well as internationally. These include solo exhibitions at Fabrica de Arte Cubano in Havana, Cuba, the Massillon Museum in Massilon, Ohio, and the Cleveland Print Room in Cleveland, Ohio. I have twice been the recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, most recently in 2023.

My work is housed in a large variety of private collections including University Hospitals and the Fred and Laura Bidwell Collection.

Artist Statement

Although photo processes have increasingly made their way into my work, I consider myself primarily a sculptor, and all my works as sculptures. From a purely technical standpoint, the wetplate collodion medium,  although frustratingly slow, physically messy, and potentially dangerous, offers something for me (and my creative practice) that other more “modern” forms of photography do not. Additionally, this medium has allowed me to slow down and spend more time with each piece individually throughout its creation. There is an intimacy in the process that comes through in the final work.
With all of this in mind, my work seeks to take this early photo medium (and other alternative photographic mediums) and to explore and push their boundaries into new and unforeseen areas, both from a conceptual and visual standpoint. To challenge how collodion is being used in contemporary times and with contemporary work. Working with the subtle nuances of collodion, the physical nature of its chemistry, its unpredictable attributes, and its inherent difficulties I seek to celebrate its unique sculptural and aesthetic qualities while pushing it into new and unexplored territories, all while addressing contemporary themes and issues. 

I have also been exploring other photo-based mediums, and have been bringing these into my work, along with more traditional painting mediums, and have been increasingly interested in expanding into performance based works and sound art.