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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Gina Washington

Artist/ Educator/ Entrepreneur Artist/ EducatorVisual Arts
Home 456 Eddy Rd County: Cuyahoga
Cleveland Ohio 44108 United States
Home Phone: 2165271655 Website:


Gina W. was born and raised in Cleveland and graduated with an MFA in Photography from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She considers herself “a Child of the Universe” and has traveled to many places collecting images connecting artists and exhibiting her work nationally and internationally.  She creates art “by any means necessary” and teaches throughout the community connecting people of all ages to a myriad of cultures through the arts. She creates art utilizing many different tools. Photography, ceramics, and installation art are her mediums of choice. She is an expert at inspiring her students to explore their creative side and never give up. Ultimately her goal is to bring clarity and solutions to the chaos in the world through art and to make art accessible to all people, especially the disenfranchised and underrepresented in the global community.

Artist Statement

I come from a long line of womyn that created because they had an overwhelming urge to use their hands and imaginations in non-traditional ways. As a womyn, I wanted to create imagery that changed the negative perceptions people have in regards to people of color. That will always be embedded in my approach. My creative process is experiential and becoming a mother has focused that energy into work with social justice issues in regards to women and young girls. Implicit are themes connected to childhood sayings and fairytales that influenced my upbringing and are reflected in how people respond to one another. My desire is not only to make someone feel something but to create that constant dialogue, internal and external that takes the viewer beyond your piece and call them to act.  By accepting the fact that I am only in control of me I have to revel in those moments of uncertainty whenever I present what I create to the world. I know that all of the “ism’s” that affect us are uncomfortable but in order to get rid of them they have to be discussed, challenged and confronted. Photography and Installation art are my mediums of choice. I also work collaboratively and thematically in a collective of artists that continue what I do individually. My approach to life has always been nurturing and healing and all of these things are tools I pull from when I make art. Ultimately I hope to make visible the lines that connect us. Like my ancestors, before me, I have no choice but to create. And I do it “by any means necessary.”


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