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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Gerrie McManamon



As a child, I was always making things – sewing dolls, coloring, drawing, etc.  I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, but really didn’t have guidance to figure out ‘how to be an artist’.  I studied art my first semester in college, but ended up being a German/Russian teacher, after receiving a scholarship to study abroad in Germany.  I used my artistic skills throughout my 27 year teaching career, coming up with hands on projects like books and posters for students to show their learning, as well as illustrating my own worksheets. 

 As I neared my retirement, I found myself with more time to create.  I began taking classes in life drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and mixed media, online and at the Cultural Arts Center of Columbus. At this point, painting is my focus, but I still enjoy drawing, printmaking and mixed media work.

In addition to visual art, I have been a part of the Columbus music scene for over 30 years, having played with several Reggae and Ska bands. This experience has been a source of inspiration, having been able to meet and work with some of Columbus’ finest musicians.  These people are often the subject of my paintings.  Another source of inspiration is my environment. Although I live in an urban setting, there is a lot of wildlife in my neighborhood, and in this often comes up in my artwork. I feel fulfilled as an artist when the viewer has an emotional connection with my work.

Artist Statement

My work consists of oil paintings of people and places that have left an impression on me. I want to capture the personality and mood of my subjects by using clear, strong colors and shapes. I want the viewer to catch a feeling, mood, or connection when observing my paintings. Reverence, humor, awe, uncertainty are some of the qualities portrayed in my images. I am an emerging artist and am honing my skills to successfully evoke an emotional response to my work.