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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

George Berlin

Creative Genius George Berlin Studios
Chicago Illinois 60137 United States
Home Ohio United States
Cell Phone: 7734708060 Website: Placemaking art around the world


George’s immersive spectaculars leap from the playful principles guiding all his work- weaving light, color, imagery, sensation, and sound together into a dimensional tapestry that brings spaces to life. His light sculptures- imbued with iconic symbols of love, energy, and power- are born to dazzle and delight with kinetic movement and possibility.

George is an award-winning director with a standout style enjoyed around the world- celebrating home and togetherness with an epic love story projected in Sydney, igniting Art on theMart with the fiery passion of Frida Kahlo, lighting up Colorado Springs with a permanent projection mural, performing his visuals with a live orchestra in Chicago and debuting a global series of stories on learning to love the Earth are just a few of the ways he delights audiences. 

He’s competed against the best in the world at the Winners League of Projection Mapping in Romania, won “Audience Favorite” Award at Seattle’s inaugural Borealis Festival of Light, and wowed millions at BLINK Cincinnati, the largest light festival in America.

Artist Statement

Public art is a way for me to bring light to dark places- sometimes quite literally but mostly just brightening the world we live in and shining on places that need love. Technology and craft are merely ways to transform technique into magic. We all need a little more magic right now.

Color and story draw us in and away to new places where everything is as beautiful as it COULD be. It’s not really an escape but more an invitation to imagine a world that could be better- kinder, more accepting, more inclusive, and more focused on bringing joy to each other.

I’m drawn to colossal expressions of art because it can affect so many more people- I take what delights me and put it into color and energy and send it out to do its work. Take what you need and pass the rest along. For me, and everyone who enjoys it.

Light energizes- experiencing a massive projection isn’t like looking at a painting. When an explosion of color appears, you don’t just see it. You feel it all over your body as the photons envelope you. Sometimes the size of the canvas itself envelopes you. So, I take my joyful work very seriously.

Imbuing my work with as much true emotion as possible is always key to its creation. Music and the feelings that accompany the motion must merge and blend into one expression. Form has to be simple but strong and comforting. And always open to deep personal experience for the public.

The world is full of things that remind us of the darkness- let’s bring some light.


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