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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Gale Suver

Home 7412 Avendale Dr. County: Delaware
Powell Ohio 43065 United States
Cell Phone: 513-659-8609 Website: gale suver art


Born in Columbus Ohio, art has always been a very important part of her life. Gale’s passion for art was nurtured early at Northland High School where she was able to interact with a dedicated teacher and many other talented art students.
Gale is married to her high school sweetheart, and they raised 4 amazing, independent daughters. Her family also now includes 4 wonderful sons in laws and 8 grandchildren who provide daily joy beyond words!
While raising a family, art has occupied an important corner of her life but when she retired from the medical field 8 years ago, she was able to focus further on her self taught art skills. First through online classes and then becoming involved with the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Gale was able to develop her personal art path.
Gale is inspired by the beauty in everyday experiences and travel. She strives to capture the charm or the story behind sometimes forgotten structures, machinery, buildings, and terrain and is inspired to breathe life back into them. Using oil paints and palette knife as her tools, it allows her the freedom to create the movement and texture of her subject.
Gale continues to participate in many juried art shows, has been fortunate to be recognized with several awards and has found immense joy in the number of commissioned paintings she continues to be contracted to do.
Gale is so very appreciative that you have taken time to explore the world she attempts to capture through her art!

Artist Statement

I’ve traveled many cities, towns, villages and even unpaved roads in the past two years and I remain in awe of the beauty we have in our state. I am moved and inspired to paint not always the obvious or what stands directly in front of me, but strive to capture the true beauty and phenomenal workmanship in the old, the forgotten, and often the discarded of a time gone by.

I am very proud of the paintings I have created, but feel I have only touched the tip of the iceberg of what Ohio offers any artist that allows themself to be immersed in the terrain, architecture, vehicles, livestock, history and the amazing stories behind their existence.

I start my compositions with an under painting to form the values and dimensions of the creation I’ve chosen to paint, these creations spring from pictures I’ve taken on road trips with my husband, as my guide. After the underpainting is to my satisfaction, I move to my love, friend and passion in creating………… the palette knife. Applying several layers of thick, luscious oil paints the soul of the subject comes forward and I continue this process until feeling it is complete…………..often the most difficult decision in the process.

Whether you browse by my work, or allow yourself to become a part of it….. I thank you for acknowledging what I love.