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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Frauke Palmer

Home 5644 GODOWN RD County: Franklin
COLUMBUS OH 43235 United States
Cell Phone: 6145570340 Website: Frauke’s Quilts


Born in Germany, Frauke Palmer left as a toddler and, after a few years in England, moved with her family to Baltimore, Maryland, where she finished her education. For more than twenty years Palmer taught physics and math at Worthington High School. After retiring, Palmer resurrected her sewing skills that had kept her family clothed and began to explore the world of quilting. Gradually she learned to indulge her own sense of color and abstract design to create her own personal style of fabric art. Recently, by creating her own fabric from personal photographs, Palmer combines her love of nature with her love of art. In retirement Palmer and her husband travel extensively and spend many hours hiking in the American Southwest. These natural shapes, colors, and textures now inspire Palmer’s art. Through the use of the computer she uses these designs of nature to create her own personal world on fabric.

Artist Statement

My studio is the out of doors. That’s where I take my pictures, that’s where I find my inspiration, that’s where my ideas spring forth. Back home I sit in front of my computer and relive all those moments out in the desert hiking through the wide-open landscape learning about nature’s ways. Rocks are a particular focus of mine, the large expanse of rock exposed in the deserts of Arizona, California, and Utah. Multicolored, etched with nature’s designs, they provide me with a palette of color and line that I incorporate into my quilts. Trees, their bark, their growth pattern add to the possibilities. These elements come together through the use of the computer which allows me to slice and dice my images, layer them, adjust them, blend them, piece them, and manipulate them in myriad ways. What fun I have! And all the time I am reliving those precious moments during which I was out trekking through nature even though now I am sitting at home and those exciting moments are but memories. No matter what the future will bring and what challenges life throws at us, the rocks and trees will still be out there, constantly changing and waiting, waiting for visitors, waiting for someone to come and admire them. I hope to be out there and enjoy them once again.


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