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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Evie Zimmer

Home Phone: 216-256-5183 Website:


Evie Zimmer is an American artist creating and teaching in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her earlier kaleidoscopic abstract paintings earned her local and national recognition.  Zimmer’s innovative artwork challenges the viewer with optic effects that imitate computer generated imagery.  Her oil paintings have been described as a “strange loop of process and product that radiate an inherent energy field.”  Her more recent work has evolved and become more floral and symmetrical combining her original style with realistic imagery.  This transformation in style has earned Evie a number of awards and publications both nationally and internationally including International Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, 10Ten Magazine (UK), and Les Femme Follies and online features by Vice Creators and Niji Magazine.  Evie’s work has also been digitally displayed on billboards in Baltimore and on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, Ca.   Zimmer is consistently creating new work from her studio in Euclid, Ohio where she welcomes visitors and students.

Artist Statement

My current body of work reflects the space where reality and fantasy collide, where dreams and memories run together, where anxiety blends into tranquility.   In these works I attempt to capture the mystery and illusion of a space where the blurred line of polarities meet. The mesmerizing, circular movement combined with the color palette of many of my pieces convey a calming aura, offering entrance to a meditative state, while simultaneously, the whirling, complexity conjures chaos. Whether drifting or spinning uncontrollably towards the open area of atmospheric emptiness, I hope to create a portal to an altered state of consciousness where we may glimpse, for a fleeting moment, a sense of peace.


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