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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Dina Zaman


Dina Zaman is a Bangladeshi born American visual artist. After she finished her Fine Arts education she moved to America and started traveling all the states, galleries, museums and other countries. She is highly inspired by nature and human life, especially women’s life. Mostly she does figurative works blending with the wildly colors inspired by nature. She participated in many solo and group exhibitions in past years throughout the United States and many other countries. She conducts art workshops and art camps for underprivileged children and women, refugees from different countries and communities. In this journey she received many awards. She is working as a freelance conceptual and contemporary artist, a storyteller and a performance artist.

Artist Statement

As a human and as a woman I experienced many different moments and as an artist, I try to relate my work to those moments. Throughout all these years of conscious practice, I gradually have come to understand that as a female every emotion has a magnetic quality of its own, and ultimately becomes my muse and inspiration for my artwork. As I listen to women and their stories, their words become a part of my journey, my life and my artistic mind already create images. I feel we are connected with our life experiences and the different emotions intertwined in them. I believe that most of these women are strong and powerful as they narrate their lives, but they are not aware of their inner strength. The innocence of their position is why I create artistic expressions to let them rediscover themselves all over again. With perception and wisdom from all of them, I developed my work style/subject on the struggle of women’s life. Having faith that this could show us a pathway to discovering our inner power.

With every single work, I try to tell one of my own stories, filled with tribulation, triumph and all in between. Each day, my artwork and I gain momentum and power as I keep all my feminine emotions safe and secure in my heart. I urge my audience to connect themselves with me and my work so that we can share our strengths and inspire each other to enhance our lives. Self-enlightenment is essential for healing this earth accompanied by deep motherly love and strength which only a woman stores in her tender heart. I explore different techniques and use many mediums like oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, pencils and ink. I add different objects mostly textiles in form of cloth and fabrics of different materials to make my work stronger so that my audience can sense and feel involved with my work. I use my own body and hands to make my paintings so I feel the connection deeply. I call myself a work in progress and I practice every day as I feel I can’t breathe without my artwork