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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Denise Lancaster

Principal Artist, President & CEO (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd
Home Phone: 5407378787 Website: (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd.


Denise Lancaster, Watercolorist born 1984. Has umpteen years professional experience creating and selling freelance and commission works of art to clientele, she has been in copious solo and group exhibitions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

She studied advanced portfolio and commercial art in her earlier years, later receiving a scholarship from Columbus College of Art & Design achieving a BFA in Fine Arts. Lancaster has traveled abroad, overseas to the Caribbean, Canada and other foreign countries where her original artwork has been exhibited internationally. Her artworks have been publicized in newspapers, magazines and other mainstream media. Lancaster creates artwork in
a variety of genres: Abstract, Landscape, Still-Life, and Portrait.

Lancaster has sold works of art and exhibited extensively, her works reside in many private and public collections; additionally she has received numerous prestigious awards and grants for excellence in the arts. The public can view and shop Lancaster’s intellectual property E-gallery
globally for both commercial and residential luxury art within the marketplace at

Artist Statement

The essence of Lancaster’s work explores erratic expressive gesture-like brush strokes through the medium watercolor and gouache, using a spontaneous watercolor media approach as the composition becomes more prominent and starts to reveal itself.  Lancaster builds up layer by layer allowing paint pigments to spill into each other colliding throughout the works of art to enrich the composition utilizing an unsystematic palette scheme.  She uses patterns, lines, shapes, and unique color combinations throughout her paintings until new colors and textures are achieved.  Bulky flat bristled brushes and round brushes are used to create a versatile variety of brush strokes, at times making quick curves with the brush, and swift marks with various sized & shaped palette knives applying gouache to make certain areas more opaque than others.  Lancaster’s works are expressive masterpieces revealing a story, she incorporates vibrant hues and eye-catching layers and textures within her pieces.  Lancaster creates different genres of work such as: abstract, landscape, still-life, and portrait paintings and prints.


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