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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Demetrius Thomas

Hip-Hop Artist DTE130 LLCArtist Development
School 24748 Aurora Rd.
Bedford Hts Ohio 44146 United States
Cell Phone: 216-374-1044 Birthday: August 5, 1983 Youtube: Nova The Rebel- Heroes Never Die


I am Demetrius Thomas, also known as Nova The Rebel.  I am an active Hip-Hop artist signed to the Legendary Ohio Rap Group Bone Thugs N Harmony who is also a Cleveland native.  Traveling with Bone Thugs N Harmony, we’ve been on tour with everyone from Snoop Dogg, to Ice Cube, to TLC and the list goes on.  I’ve done performances in front of crowds anywhere from 500, to 15,000 people.   through my travels I’ve been able to garner a fanbase of close to 20,000 followers and the numbers are still growing.  I’ve also done great work in my community.  In order to spread knowledge, integrity and uplift, I have spoken at Boys N Girls Clubs, Group Homes, Elementary Schools and more.  I’ve thrown concerts for years where we donated all food and portions of the earnings to Cleveland Food Bank Harvest For Hunger.  I’ve even gotten a letter from   I now have my own Hip-Hop Academy located in Cleveland, OH that helps develop young aspiring Hip-Hop and R&B artists.  I’ve collaborated with other music entities to hold classes at Elmira elementary School, and also Shaker Heights Library.  Still an active artist who tours with icons, but I also heavily pour back into my community and look to always do so.  

Artist Statement

I understand as an artist and now a teacher, Hip-Hop is always and has always been about the message.  What energies are you releasing to the world, on and off of the mic.  I aspire to continue inspiring many others to go for their dreams all while keeping their morals, discipline and integrity intact.  I’m here hoping to help build a better future for others by using the number 1 culture in the world which is Hip-Hop, because it is a language that the youth understand so well.  Music has always been my therapy, my release, and it always helps me turn negatives into positives.  Lets continue on with building unity amongst communities, through the universal language of Hip-Hop