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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Delaney Yoha

Photographer Delaney Yoha PhotographyPhotography
Westerville Ohio 43081 United States
Cell Phone: 7403588679 Website: Delaney Yoha


Delaney Yoha is a portrait and studio photographer based in Columbus, Ohio with over 7 years of experience. Currently, she is attending Columbus College of Art and Design, harnessing her craft, and earning her BFA in Photography with a minor in Business. Photography is a unique creative outlet, through her work, she is able to document and tell her clients stories with love and compassion. With the troubles of the world, now more than ever, Delaney focuses on reveling in the good and seeing the beauty of our daily observations and surroundings. Her small business, Delaney Yoha Photography focuses on one major genre of photography, couples photography. She does enjoy documenting weddings, but her passion is within couples true, everyday life. Human connection is the most compelling aspect of her work. As a true observer, she becomes one with the scenery, simply unnoticeable and allows her couples and subjects to be truly free.

Delaney Yoha’s work has been featured in multiple galleries across Columbus including, 83 Gallery, Beaton Gallery, and Beeler Gallery. Her professional and commercial side of work she creates product, lifestyle and advertising content for companies. She also takes professional headshots and has experience with creating magazine photographic content through personal shoots. Photo editing and retouching has become an intergral skill over the past two years for her. She is skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Classic.


Artist Statement

Delaney Yoha creates visual poetry through her photography. She works to bring out raw emotion, depth, and authenticity by observing connections between humans, landscape, and the energies around us. Approaching her work with compassion and honesty. Love, our most unique emotion, is the one constant in her work; it is the source of her creative drive and what she documents in all her subjects. The intimate adoration between lovers–old and young, mother and child, friends, and even strangers are all deeper than we realize. When we understand these connections, we build empathy and community. She shows her viewers these different loves to bring out the vibrance we all have within us, to inspire all people to choose care and tenderness over animosity and indifference.

For her work to achieve the goals and concepts she prioritizes, human connection is the most important aspect of her process. She allows herself to be open, vulnerable, and willing to share her stories in order for others to share theirs. Building a genuine connection with her subject allows for comfortability and trust to be built. Through authentic relationships, she creates photographs that leave viewers in a feeling of awe.Delaney works on various projects, from studio, advertising, and commercial content to personal, fine art, and creative portraits. Having a vast knowledge of professional and natural lighting, she is able to communicate the intangible feelings left within her work for viewers to observe as well.

Emphasis on individuality and bringing out the unique story of each person allows her subjects to feel truly loved and seen; this is what fulfills me as a person and photographer. With a camera, Delaney shines a light on each person’s energy and spirit. To highlight these qualities in both digital and analog photographs, her editing style is reminiscent of film. Growing up in the simplicity of rural Ohio, Delaney leans toward minimalistic, natural images using beautiful warm tones of yellows, blues, and greens. Her inspiration comes from Renaissance paintings, the natural world, color harmony, and delicacy. In her connection to the souls of her subjects, she brings her images to life with mesmerizing emotion.