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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Debbie Clapper

Home 112 Baker St County: Cuyahoga
Berea Ohio 44017 United States
Website: gneural / Debbie Clapper Website: Debbie Clapper Art


Born and raised in Rocky River, Ohio, Debbie Clapper is a visual
artist and designer in greater Cleveland. Debbie runs gneural,
a multifaceted creative studio focused on enriching all sorts
of surfaces and spaces with abstract geometric art. gneural’s
primary specialties are: murals and public art, immersive art,
and pattern / art licensing.

Debbie earned a BFA in graphic design from the Art Institute of
Colorado. She lived in Colorado for 22 years, establishing herself
in Denver / Boulder’s art and design community. She returned
to Ohio in 2020 to be closer to family and reconnect with her
Midwest roots.

Debbie’s work stands out. It’s bold. It’s unique. Its playfulness
makes you want to dance (or at least crack a smile). No rulers or
compasses are used in her originals, giving every line a rhythmic,
kinetic, and powerful pulse. At nine, she began honing her
freehand skill and hasn’t stopped drawing since.

Debbie’s art sometimes does more than hang on a wall—it
transforms into an immersive experience with the collaboration
of experiential software developer Cacheflowe. Their works
combine art and tech to create engaging installations that
become delightfully active—and sometimes responsive—
moving and transforming across various surfaces and spaces.

Debbie finds great joy in using her creativity to help bring people
and communities together through art. She believes the value art
brings to any space goes well beyond visual eye candy, whether
through creative placemaking, public art, or interior design. It
forms human connections, develops culture, inspires creativity,
can be an engine and motivator, and can improve vibrancy and
safety in a community.

Debbie’s patterns and designs have elevated clients and brands
such as Boulder Arts + Culture, Pactimo, Rickshaw Bags, and
Smartwool, to name a few. She’s been interviewed on several
creative podcasts and has won awards for her art, designs,
and illustrations. You can see her captivating work in murals,
interior decor, drawings, and paintings, as well as on streets,
vehicles, and all manner of objects and merchandise.

Artist Statement

I find great joy in using my creativity to help bring people and communities together through art. Over the years, I’ve honed the skill of drawing and painting freehand without the aid of a ruler, compass, or masking tape. My work’s freehand, abstract geometric nature transcends social and physical bounds, generating visuals that bring people together. Every line has a rhythmic, kinetic, and powerful pulse, giving every piece its own DNA, unique to itself.

Art’s value to the community goes beyond visual eye candy. It forms human connections, develops culture, inspires creativity, motivates and activates, and can improve vibrancy and safety.

Art bears hope.


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