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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

David Noss

Artist David Noss Fine Arts
Home 124 Woodstock Drive County: Lorain
Avon Lake Ohio 44012 United States
Home Ohio United States
Cell Phone: 4405067701 Birthday: August 31, 2023 Website: Saatchi Art


My career as an artist has been about 60 years in the making. Here is a brief story: As a boy, my uncle lived on Long Island near New York City where we would visit several times each year. Coming from Northeast Pennsylvania where there were few opportunities, visiting my Uncle helped open my eyes to a much deeper, wider world. During one of our family visits, Carl, an artist and teacher friend of my uncle stopped by to say hello to the Noss family. Carl had a beautiful 1966 Cadillac Eldorado and loved to drive it. He encouraged all of us to ride with him to Greenport for a bite to eat. At one point on the way there, Carl slowed down and pointed to a house. He said, “Jackson Pollock used to live there”. As a kid, I could have cared less, but then Carl said that there was a Pollock Retrospective Exhibition at MOMA and asked if we wanted to go. Of course we all relished the opportunity to go into the City. I found myself in a state of wonder as we walked inside the museum where one of the best experiences in my life happened. As we walked through the exhibition, Carl talked in great detail about the paintings, and I was hooked on Abstract Expressionism. Consequently, many Ab Ex Painters were still alive at the time, and Carl to varying degrees claimed to have known some of them. Relating his knowledge and experience was very intimate and revealing to me. As my parents had the attitude of “a monkey could do that,” his perspective was very different. Enlightening. Unfortunately, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, “Artist” was not the appropriate answer. To this day, I attribute my interest in painting to my uncle and his friend Carl.

Subsequently, I went to school for other Liberal Arts areas. Looking back—I guess—this was a good option as I became a Newspaper and Magazine writer-photographer, Stained and Leaded Glass Artist, and later as an Instructional Designer for various corporations where I was able to make money. I enjoyed the work. My education includes a BA in English with a focus on Writing (YCP), and a MAeED in Online Adult Training (UOP). My art education is less formal.  I have completed successfully both traditional Film Photography, and Art History courses. Additionally, I have finished online Art Studio courses (MOMA). More recently, I have achieved favorably both “Management of Successful Art and Cultural Organizations” and “Art Culture Strategy” courses at the Devos Institute (UMD) and Penn respectively. I continually read about art and art techniques and products. I am always involved in watching art-related videos, and have art discussions with just about everyone I meet. The interesting aspect of all of this is that I now realize that all of my seemingly divergent experiences come together as a contemporary Fine Arts Painter.

I now live in Northeast Ohio with my wife. We have been married thirty four years—without her there is nothing. I am registered with the Cleveland Artist Registry, Artists of Cleveland, Cleveland Arts Events, and Ohio Arts Events. Through these sources, you can find my upcoming exhibitions, and where I can be contacted for hire by private collectors, corporate customers, public clients, and non-profit organizations.

Artist Statement

I am an abstract acrylic painter and my passion is trying to create pictures expressionistically-action, emotion, authenticity- as the abstract painters of the early-mid 20th century. My point of view and methods found in my paintings represent re-emerging sensibilities from our recent past. In this way, there is nothing new in my painting, except me as a painter. I try to paint spontaneously. The ideal of spontaneous painting is almost impossible. But, when the possible happens, the result is a good picture. I think we all judge good a picture from a bad one based on this notion. I paint with gestures evoking time/space in motion, emotion, and undefined archaic inspiration from the invisible signs, symbols, and memories understood at some level by all of us. I typically build up layers and often deconstruct and paint-over until the painting is finished. For me, this process is troublesome at first, then finally contemplative and satisfying.


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