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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Darnell Chambers

Individual Artist SomethinDope
Home 887 Haynes St County: Summit
Akron Ohio 44307 United States
Home Phone: 3305731660


Darnell Chambers was born in San Diego, CA and currently lives and works in Akron, Oh. Through his work he aims to raise awareness of the global injustices to people of color, and to protect and preserve the cultures of people of color. Chambers studied Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has helped create community art spaces and collectives throughout the city. His work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including at the Missouri History Museum, Boom Concepts, and the Cultural District in Pittsburgh. His work has been funded by Neighborhood Allies, the Heinz Endowments and, in 2020, Chambers was awarded an Investing in Professional Artists Grant by The Pittsburgh Foundation. 

Artist Statement

Darnell Chambers

Born in San Diego, CA

Lives & works in Pittsburgh, PA


My work is deeply inspired by my history; world history, my experiences growing up in America as a man of color, and my strong passion to provide a better future for others.

As a child I was confused and angry because we were poor, and I didn’t have the tools to provide basic necessities for myself and family. The tools I used in my art became the tools I used later to teach bushcraft and survivalism, and also became the tools that empowered my voice. The majority of my work is done in paper, lead and wood. It is a basic tool but can spark the fire to create fine portraits or create landscapes. It can also tell stories as tall as trees.

Being separated from my father due to drugs, losing my mother at an early age, and witnessing the death of my older brother, traumatized me in a way that I didn’t fully recognize until recently. As a young boy art became my mouthpiece, when I didn’t have the courage to speak on how I felt, because I was too afraid that “no-one could understand”. My first encounter with paper and pencil led to a drawing of a turtle. Since the age of five I learned to draw and paint, and inherited the gifts of my ancestors. My father, his mother, and all three of my uncles are artists.

I ventured to Pittsburgh, PA to escape the cycle of school-to-prison pipeline. In school I studied Media Arts and Animation, as well as Web Design and Interactive Media. This gave me a better understanding of media and the psychological effects of systematic oppression. It also provided me with skill in web design, graphic design, photography, videography, and animation. It wasn’t until after my studies that I begun to understand the purpose of art.

Arts function is to inform and instruct. To preserve and protect. Through my art I hope to raise awareness to the global injustices of people of color; protect and preserve the culture of people of color, whose culture is being attacked, and show through action that people of color can do whatsoever they direct their mind to do. Some days I wonder how a young hurt, insecure, black project boy from Akron, Oh ended up in Pittsburgh, PA, and was able to start a black business that promotes self sufficiency and love.

One major goal that I am happy to have accomplished is to have created art with my estranged sister. She inspired me to become an independent artist and to open a community arts space in Pittsburgh. Together we created a 30 ft mural that became part of the Missouri History Museums permanent collection, and accompanied a children’s book highlighting leaders in the Civil Rights struggle, and three portraits of powerful black women and men.


Inspired by the likes of George Washington Carver, I examine nature and its connection to humans in my art. Plants and their healing abilities have always fascinated me, which lead to my work as a florist. It also fed my love for foraging and growing edible food. Creating flower arrangements brings me peace and is an art form that highlights natures beauty. Learning about plants like the rothschildiana, king protea, agapanthus, and learning how to care for them, gives you humility about the way we care for life.