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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Craig Fisher

Ibis Press Studio
Home 5545 Woodridge Drive,
Toledo OH 43623 Lucas
Cell Phone: 419-508-4514 Home Phone: 418-882-5841 Birthday: May 2, 1952 Website: Craig Fisher

Artist Statement

This artist statement is being rewritten in the middle of a global pandemic. Nothing seems more leveling then disease.  Unfortunately (or not) isolation is a bi-product of a pandemic. Self-Isolation affords the mid-career artist the gift of un-distracted time, but without the input of a greater community to distill those creations, it seems there is little reward or response.  This propels me to look to my art as a catharsis of sorts. It helps me work-through these difficult times. As in centuries before, prints and drawings were part of science’s arsenal to dispel myths and deception.

Likewise, I see the connection with the artist/craftsmen of the past, and their visual quests. It’s an unbroken line in the same pursuit in search for answers in a changing world. I take keen interest in the “monumental”.  While some of today’s monuments are coming down, I like to create new architectural anomalies that hint at a background narrative yet to be realized.  I create undefined structures that occupy a large stage or landscape that subtly suggest a background story.  Some employ pure geometric shapes; others may be defined by the process used to create them.  Each print requires a great deal of drawing, erasing, reflecting and weighing seemingly unlimited options before etching the plate surface or putting brush to canvas. ####



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