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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Christine Seeholzer

Artist and Art Educator Sacred Space Studios LLC
Website: Sacred Space Studios LLC Website Website: Etsy Shop


Hi! My name is Christine Seeholzer. I am a Christian portrait artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University, and a Masters in Art Education from the University of Toledo. Born in Toledo, Ohio, I have been influenced by the beauty of natural landscapes like those found in Wildwood Metropark, as well as the coastline of Lake Erie as we experience it here in Cleveland. I knew I had potential to be an artist when my art teacher accused me of plagiarism on my sketchbook homework in junior high. After developing my skill set in painting and drawing, as well as gaining an understanding of what forms art may take during my university years, I joined a professional artist organization in Columbus, and exhibited in commercial buildings as a young woman. I also worked as an intern with the Young Artists at Work program in Toledo, which worked on creating a mural as well as saleable art to sustain the program. Instead of moving to Los Angeles to pursue a Masters in early childhood education, as was my initial plan, I ended up completing my master degree in art education here in Ohio, which I used for various traditional and community teaching positions, culminating in my current position as an art teacher for St. Paul Lutheran in Westlake. I enjoy weaving storylines into my artwork through symbolism and juxtaposed imagery to describe emotions and the process of unfolding as a soul. My Etsy shop features functional art created from my paintings that can be used for spiritual enrichment and prayer. 

Artist Statement

My work studies the mystical and empowering nature of our soul’s journey through archetypes and symbols. Through the weaving of composite imagery, the viewer is transported to a dream-like state of imagining. Overriding subjects include strong female characters, biblical figures, saints and angels.