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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Cat Mailloux

Cedarvillle UniversityArt, Design and Theatre
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Cat Mailloux is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Cedarville University, specializing in the areas of sculpture and ceramics. She received her MFA in Sculpture from The Ohio State in 2018 and BFA in Sculpture and Certification in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2014. Her visual work, which revolves around the exploration of materiality and spirituality, has been shown in various settings throughout the United States including COOP Gallery (Nashville, TN), Janet Carson Gallery (Eau Claire, WI) and Roy G. Biv Gallery (Columbus, OH). In October of 2021, she exhibited new work in a solo exhibition inaugurating the new gallery space, Gallery 220, at Cedarville University.


In 2019 she was a Writer-in-Residence at Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT) and an artist fellow at the Columbus Printed Arts Center (Columbus, OH). Her written work has been published in CIVA Voices 2020 (Christians in the Visual Arts), and her practice has been supported by travel and research grants from Vermont Studio Center, the Greater Columbus Arts Council and The Ohio State University.


She has spent time investing in supporting Columbus artists through juror work for the Cultural Arts Center 2021 Artist in Residence program and the 2020-21 Exhibition Series at 934 Gallery.  Her practice as a visual artist extends into community work as a teaching artist in Columbus, OH, where she runs the program Sewing Lab, which offers free sewing classes and workshops for children and adults in the neighborhood of Milo-Grogan.

Artist Statement

My practice is driven by processes that form a tactile memory of touch. How I handle materials —sewing, layering, weaving, folding, felting, embedding— impresses sets of conditions that mark an imminent and insistent gesture of the hand. I am currently immersed in making quilts, which I consider to be a practice of layered and labored drawing.


I see quilt making as a method of organizing line, color, and shape to create dense and shifting atmospheres, drawing from traditions of domestic quilting, reframed in contemporary. The quilts are based on the interior architecture of windows, latticeworks, and doorways—to look into, to be absorbed by, or both. They create an intense record of time and touch, probing the spirituality of material, interior landscapes, and rituals of the home.