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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Cadine Navarro


As a tri-cultural artist, teacher and entrepreneur – born and raised in Japan of an American mother and French father, Navarro has found home in seven countries across three continents, inspiring her to construct identity as ‘kin’ with all beings as a leitmotif and driving force behind the initiatives she takes to connect her work to persons and place. She has exhibited her work internationally (primarily Europe and North America) since 2004. Exhibitions and residencies include Wexner Center for the Arts, Venice Biennale, and Deitch Gallery. Publications include Publication Studio Vancouver and Rotterdam, Rowman&Littlefield, and Billebaude. Navarro has a background in art history and curating (Sussex University, Goldsmiths University of London), as well as in fine art (New York Academy of Art, Rietveld Akademie), and she is currently on a leave from the Landscape Architecture program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in order to dedicate her time to her on-going land-based, bio-regional research in Ohio.


Artist Statement

Addressing our critically effected landscapes, I work with bringing attention and visibility to language, both human and more-than-human, in order to shift awareness on how the world comes into being through sound. My recent work and research focuses on the visualization and materialization of non-human sound, including sounds made by native seeds that are no larger than the head of a pin. This new research bridges science and art, using beauty and engagement to point to the aliveness of our world. 

As a tri-cultural artist, teacher and designer – born and raised in Japan (Kobe) of an American mother (Ohio) and French father (Normandy), I have lived in seven countries across three continents, continuously absorbing and adapting to new socio-cultural perspectives of life. 

These living-art installations create immersive community experiences that move visitors beyond conventional communication and into new relational spaces, where unanticipated forms of communication help to re-connect people with land. The works aim to transform how humans understand our place in the world, providing a new model of awareness in face of climate-crisis.