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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Brittney Esther

Graphic Designer +Communications Specialist Cleveland Institute of ArtInstitutional Advancment
Home 2196 McKinley Ave County: Cuyahoga
Lakewood OH 44107 United States
Website: Pirtfolio


As an experienced graphic designer with a rich eight-year background spanning both corporate and non-profit sectors, I embarked on my creative journey after earning my undergraduate degree from Kent State University in 2016. Since then, I have ardently contributed to the realms of art and design. Amidst the rigors of my professional responsibilities, I take great pleasure in cultivating my artistic talents within the confines of my home studio. My carefully crafted schedule harmoniously blends my role as a prominent designer with the freedom to pursue and nourish my artistic practice, which remains an unwavering source of passion and fulfillment. In this endeavor, I’ve forged meaningful connections within the vibrant Cleveland community.

Beyond my creative pursuits, I find solace in the simple yet profound act of savoring a freshly brewed cup of coffee while delving into thought-provoking literature. Through these moments of respite, I’ve come to appreciate how they not only refresh the mind but also infuse novel perspectives into my design methodologies.

My approach is one of adaptability and an open-minded spirit, where I actively seek out challenges and eagerly embrace fresh opportunities that come my way. This unwavering commitment to my craft, coupled with a fervor for artistic expression, is what propels me forward in the dynamic world of graphic design.

Artist Statement

My art is a visual exploration of the intricate complexities that define the female experience, conveyed through a combination of color and abstract elements that dance across the canvas. Through the medium of oil paints, I craft portraits that transcend mere representation, delving into the hidden narratives of women’s lives. The canvas, with its textured surface, becomes a gateway to symbolize the resilience and strength that lies within.

In each stroke and blend of paint, I sculpt an idealized porcelain visage, a reflection of society’s limited perception, often defining women by their outward beauty. The electric backlit halos, a modern touch, serve as windows into the mood of each piece, imbued with color symbolism. The serene yellow halo symbolizes the weight of illness, the blue radiates the nuances of suppressed voices, and the passionate red evokes the intricacies of sexuality.

My work encapsulates overarching themes of female struggle, exploring mental health, sexuality, and the stifled female voice. The psychology of colors, such as the restorative nature of blue and the evocative power of red, heightens the emotional resonance of my art. Influenced by past portrait luminaries like Tamara de Lempicka, I found inspiration to continue my artistic journey, fueled by the desire to communicate the profound truths of womanhood.