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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Robert Carl

Sloopy Da ClownSloopy Da Clown
Home 7411 Jeannette Road Apt. C2 County: Ohio
Hilliard Ohio 43026 United States
Home Ohio United States
Home Phone: 8436351902


Bob Carl is a painter and construction artist. He earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at Ohio University and has on undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University. Bob taught art for 35 years at all levels.  In his recent work, Bob is using  recycled, repurposed, and reused materials, such as wood, stones, glass, fabric, metal, and so on. He recently relocated back to Ohio after a twenty year absence.   For almost 50 years he has had over 100 exhibits of his work, group shows,  as well as solo exhibits.  His work is in the collections of private owners in Charleston, SC; New York City; Hilton Head, SC; Oregon; California;  several Ohio cities, and more. He is a member of the Ohio Art League.

Artist Statement

My work incorporates materials that I find and recycle. By using real objects in my work, the work become more real, not just an illusion. I express myself with form, texture, color, and space. The works are not flat. They can be as thick as 3 inches from the surface. I excavate the surfaces, as well as build them up, I have lately been making shaped constructions, to get away from the traditional rectangle or square shapes of most visual art. You will find me doing a series of round, triangle, and diamond shape pieces. I like the shaped pieces, because they tend to make you more aware of the visual space of the work. They keep your eyes and senses moving much more so, than a square or rectangular canvas. Many of the found objects in my work are things usually thrown away or cast off. To reuse these materials is an effort for use to appreciate the common things we see daily, but in a different light.  Every piece I make is different. No two are ever alike. I grow as an artist and explore new possibilities with each new piece I construct. Life is a journey, as is my art.


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